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Business Loan Reviews #1

4.8 stars based on 127 reviews

Naga Prasad(5/5)

I have figured applying for business startup loans through Finance Buddha is one of the smartest ways. If you are interested to save your time, efforts and money then you must try taking loan through Finance Buddha. Once you experience how good this platform will work for you, you will never think of other alternatives. All my loan related queries and concerned are now addressed by Finance Buddha- this is a one stop solution.



Great Service! Keep it up Citibank. I love banking with Citibank and this is my 10th year with this bank as a customer. Looking forward for many more such great services. Am happy that I got a business loan with just 15% rate of interest.


Kiran Balu(5/5)

If you are looking for tension-free way of getting business loan quickly, then my recommendation is to opt for business loan through Finance Buddha. I donÕt think there is any other better way of getting a business loan in India in such user-friendly and reliable manner. It is worth to give this website 100% positive review for its service offered.



I really donÕt mind spending some time to review the service offered by Finance Buddha. It not only gave necessary information for applying for business loan. But also helped me to check my eligibility, helped me to sort necessary documents for loan application and even offered facilities to apply business loan at various banks through online application form.


Anand Sarolkar(5/5)

I am trying such online platforms for the first time. Though I used these platforms for getting information regarding business loan, I had never applied for loan through these. Finance Buddha offers mind blowing services and I started to gain trust on these online platform. For all type of loan requirements, I will take the request through Finance Buddha for quick and valuable service.


Akshaya Ram(5/5)

My concern of comparing interest, loan rates and charges is vanished. Thank you Finance Buddha for coming up with such great and informative platform. I highly appreciate this initiative and am thankful for the services offered by your platform. This website helped me to save a lot of my hard earned money by giving the option of bankÕs that offer business loan at low rate of interest.


Ahamed Basha(5/5)

Finance Buddha is a guide for all type of loans in India. I applied for a business loan through this website and got it without any delays. Information about all other types of loan is also available to us. There is no charge implied by this website for using these services or information.


Abhay Pratap(5/5)

Finance Buddha representative Mr. Karan was very co-operative in getting a business loan. Information and support was offered at right time and the bank is very approachable for all types of queries. All details mentioned about the bank in Finance Buddha website were also accurate.


Inderpreet S(5/5)

In order to get best deals for loans, Finance Buddha is an ideal option. I have been using this website from past 6 months and I have been approved with 2 loans in a hassle-free manner. To get best business loans visit Finance Buddha website.


Piya Pawar(5/5)

I got my business loan through Finance BuddhaÕs support. There was no need for me to go to the bank and all necessary documents were collected by the Finance Buddha executive from my house doorstep. I got loan amount of Rs. 5 lakhs with the rate of interest of 16.95%. Lot of support is offered to new members by the Finance Buddha team to ensure we are happy with the service from the website and also from the bank through which we are applying for business loan.


Divya Vijayaram(5/5)

Friendly and fast service was offered by Finance Buddha. Minimal documentation was required for HDFC bank, thus my loan processing did not take much time. Nice interaction and the bank representatives are very co-operative. Thank you Finance Buddha for guiding me throughout the business loan process.


Akhil George(5/5)

Fast response. Fast disbursement. Fast Processing. I got multiple options from Finance Buddha with regard to my business loan application. Details of different banks helped me to compare and pick the best service provider. Interest rate, pre-sales service, fees and charges and post-sales services and also overall service is excellent from ICICI bank. Am glad I found Finance Buddha. I Loved It!


Sinu Raj(3/5)

Knowledgeable and friendly staffs, low documentations and quick processing and above all my business loan was processed within 13 days of applying through Finance Buddha. I would rate Citibank 5 out of 5 for such excellent service.


Nimish Varghese(5/5)

Great service was offered by Finance Buddha service team. I will definitely reach out to this service provider for all future loan requirements. Am very impressed and looking forward to work with this website more and more. Executives are really helpful in ensuring business startup loans are processed quickly.


Sonu Thomas(5/5)

Business loan service was excellent, process was completed within 5 days and I got loan amount disbursed quickly. Low processing charges and less documentation are the highlighting factors. Thank you Finance Buddha for suggesting Axis bank.



Excellent service! Thank you Manujith and Gaurav for co-coordinating my business loan application at HDFC bank and thank you Sreedhar for suggesting me to try for loan through Finance Buddha. Am happy with the business loan and from the past 8 months there was not a single issue with regard to my business loan.


Rinu Roy(5/5)

So far all experiences with Citibank have been good. I usually approach Citibank for all types of loans, but this time I thought of trying through Finance Buddha and even this website suggested me with Citibank- as it offers best deals through my current account with the bank. I applied for a business startup loans through Finance Buddha.


Rachael Mathew(5/5)

With just the help of few clicks in Finance Buddha I got best business loan deal. This platform suggested me with the right platform and by choosing this I saved a lot of money on processing charges and interest percentage.


Chandrashekar (5/5)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Finance Buddha for being a friend when I was in need of business loan. Am amused to see the way there are such right information in the website about all banks and all types of loans. And getting all these information at free of cost is even more surprising.


Bhavana R(5/5)

I really appreciate the efforts put by Mr. Naveen Prasad the Citibank Representative in Finance Buddha for getting my business loan approved. Considering the urgency in need, he stayed closed to my request and kept me updating on the status every now and then. Very co-operative and kind executive. Thank you Naveen for offering such great service.



I was searching for a good bank for business loan and was worried about offering collateral. I only own a house in Bangalore and did not wish to give that as security for business loan. This is when I came across Finance Buddha- it suggested me with HDFC bank. This bank does not requires security for approving business loan of Rs. 6 Lakhs.



I took a business loan from ICICI bank for 3 years tenure with rate of interest as 15%. Getting loan was very easy and the bank executives are co-operative and helpful. Right now my friends are also trying for business loan with this bank through Finance Buddha.


Shubhra Sreekumar(4/5)

My name is Shubhra, I was looking for details of business loan from various bank and came across Finance Buddha. The information provided by this website is very helpful and most importantly it is accurate and helped me decide on Capital First Business Loan as it best suited my needs.



I had taken a business loan from HDFC bank last year and wanted to change the mode of payment. I just had to give a call to the bank and they ensured all necessary steps are taken with 24 hours of the request. This was exactly the kind of service I received from them a year back when I applied for a business loan. Thank you HDFC bank for being the best bank in the industry.

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