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Narayan Rao(5/5)

Fast processing ever!! I opted Bajaj Finance from Finance Buddha portal for my Business loan. And I got a quick response from them. Ever there were time to time follow up by the Finance Buddha team of executives. There was a good support from the bank staff as well.


Varun Kashyap(5/5)

I went with Bajaj finance for my Business Loan. They provided me the loan at an interest rate of 16% p.a. and the processing fee was 2%. The processing was on time and I got the business loan approved just in 18 working days. I am really very happy with their service.


Amit Sahu(5/5)

Good interest rates and a very good follow up by the bank executives. Will recommend it to others also.


Suman N. Kumar (4/5)

I am having my current going business loan with Bajaj Finance. They were best in providing service regarding my Business loan. The process started from the next day after I applied. The Finance Buddha executives came to my home for collecting the documents. I had not to go bank even for a single time. The whole process was completed in almost two weeks by the Finance Buddha executives.


Anuj Ranjan (5/5)

Simply Amazing service by both Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finserv. My Business Loan got approved in just 18 days!!


Niranjan Raut(5/5)

Business loan with Bajaj Finserv helped me a lot in starting up my new business. I applied for it through Finance Buddha website. The rates they offered were lower than the other banks and even the processing charges were less.


Shashi Kant(4/5)

The site is truly basic and I connected for my Bajaj Finserv business Loan in only 2 minutes. I gave my own points of interest and the advance sum I wish to take. I got my loan approved and disbursed only in 19 working days.


Aafreen Khan(4/5)

I was willing to extend by business but I was not having that much fund which was required for the extension. Then I got to know about Finance Buddha from 1 of my friend, he suggested me to go with them and apply online. I was amazed with the smoothness of the process. The loan was disbursed in almost 20 days.



Thanks Bajaj Finserv for your help! My Business loan was approved by Bajaj Finance. Their processing was really fast. The process was completely hassle free and smooth. I had to face no tension regarding my Loan. My Loan application got approved in just 2 weeks.


Abhijeet Goyal(5/5)

Business Loan is an unsecured loan in which you have nothing to give as a guaranty. I got all these information from the Finance Buddha website. After having complete knowledge about the Business loan I applied for it with the Finance Buddha portal. I received a quick response from them and the documentation process started from the next very day and I got my loan disbursed in 15-16 days of applying.


Nimisha Raj(5/5)

After comparing different banks on the Finance Buddha website I went with Bajaj finance for my Business Loan. I applied for a business loan worth 7 lakhs. There was a positive response from the bank and somewhat in 19 days only the loan was disbursed to me. I am very much happy with it.


Shashank Kumar(4/5)

The processing is fast, quick documentation with the help of executives, and excellent service.


Rohil Katharia (3/5)

My business loan got approved in 15 days, this was too much time. They didn’t done what they guaranteed on their site about the fast processing. The rates and charges were good. The only thing I will suggest to them is to improve their processing time. I will give 3 stars to Bajaj Finance for the Business Loan.


Anurag Ambasth(4/5)

I joined my family business after completing my education. When I joined that I realized that lot of changes are required regarding technique and investments. But I was not able to do anything because we were not having that much of money which was required to do so. Then while using Facebook I saw Finance Buddha Advertisement. I clicked on that and applied. It was a simple process. I got response from them on that very day. The process was completed in 18 days and my loan got disbursed on the 19th day with Bajaj Finance. I am fully satisfied with the service of both Finance Buddha and Bajaj Finance.


Prabhu Keshav (5/5)

I will never forget what Bajaj Finserv and Finance Buddha have done for me. I am a post-graduate from Tier1 College and was willing to open my own startup company in Bangalore. I applied for a business loan with Bajaj Finance through Finance Buddha website. I was surprised that the loan approval process started from the next very day and was completed without any hassle or stress in 2 weeks. Though the credit amount was high but I got the loan amount. Thanks Bajaj Finance for your help and support.


Farrookh Ahmad(4/5)

Smooth and Hassle free service. I am having my Business Loan with Bajaj Finance. The rate they offered is good only which is 16% p.a. and the processing fee charged is 2%. The service provided was good and the process was completed in a smooth and a hassle free manner.


Karunesh Lal(4/5)

Thanks to the Finance Buddha team who consider my Business Loan application and lent me Loan with Bajaj Finance. The rate offered to me by Bajaj Finance is 17%p.a. and the processing charge they took was 2%. Any how I am satisfied with their service and gesture.



All the things were good only regarding my Business Loan with Bajaj Finance like Rates, charges and even all the terms and conditions were ok. But the time they took in the processing of the loan application was so long as it was 15 days and the loan disbursal took place on the 16th day. They seriously need to improve their processing time.


Tejshwani Parmar(4/5)

Best business loan rates and charges! I went with Capital First for my business loan. And it didn’t disappointed me at all. I got my business loan approved at a rate of 17%p.a. and there were no other hidden charges. The processing didn’t took much time. On the 12th day I was having the loan amount in my personal account.


Priyanka Singh (5/5)

Getting a loan through Finance Buddha is such an easy process. I have never thought that getting a loan will be this much easy. I simply went to the Finance Buddha portal applied for my business loan with Capital First after checking and comparing others banks too. My loan application was approved only in 8 working days. I am very thankful to Capital First and Finance Buddha.


Mounika Reddy(5/5)

Smooth and hassle free service! Capital First provided me a smooth and Hassle less service regarding my Business Loan. It took them only 9 working days in my loan disbursal. Really a good service and the best example of customer first!


Devnandan Sharma(5/5)

Capital first is the best in providing services. I had applied for a business loan with them last month. The process started with the confirmation call and after that there was the documentation process in this I had to submit all the required documents, their executives helped me a lot in completing the process. Overall it was a good experience with Capital First.


Rajni Kubde(3/5)

I am having my Business loan with Capital First. They have provided me a loan of 10 lakh at the rate of 18% p.a. and the processing fee charged was 2%. However I am satisfied with these charges but they took more than 15 day time in the processing. I was feed up by taking again and again follow up from their executives.


Anshuman Shukla (5/5)

I got to know about Finance Buddha through their Facebook page. I went through their portal and applied for a business loan as I was looking for it. I got surprised with their processing speed and the way they provide service to their customers is simply amazing. My loan was approved by Capital First in just 8 days.

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