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4.8 stars based on 127 reviews

Raji M(5/5)

Bangalore is a city which is full of options for a loan. But I decided to go with finance Buddha for my business loan in Bangalore. I decided this because I am already having my personal loan from here. The service for both my loans was very good. I will recommend other people also for this product if they are looking for a business loan.


Sima Patel(5/5)

I got my business loan in Ahmedabad through Finance Buddha. I was not aware that Finance Buddha has started its services here also. But when I went through the website I got to know this. The same moment I applied for the loan, which was approved through Bajaj Finance.


Sanjay M.(5/5)

I was a housewife and wanted to start my own kitchen for food delivery. Finance Buddha helped me to get a business loan from my preferred bank. The rate of interest is affordable and now i have started my kitchen.


Ramaya N. (5/5)

Business loans are a great help to your business and this is the 3rd time i am availing a business loan. My first business loan was from ICICI and the other two are from Axis bank. This time i applied through this portal and i can certainly feel the difference. It was totally a smooth process and there were executives to help me throughout the process. Even the disbursal time was less comparatively.


Lavanaya Bombs (5/5)

I took a business loan from HDFC as i am an existing customer. The loan application was easily approved. I had to submit documents such as my business license and ITR of last 2 years. They did not ask me for the bank details as i am having my account in HDFC only.


Ranjit (2/5)

Long time to disburse the loan. I have to wait long for it. Though it was disbursed in 20 working days.


Amit Bajirao(5/5)

My experience was nice! Faced no hassle and no stress. Can say it was a worry free borrowing experience.


Pradip (5/5)

I own a small business in Bangalore. i took a business loan from here when i was in an urgent need of money to make payments. Everything went in a smooth way and my loan was approved within 15 days. thanks, team Finbud.


Amaya Anand(4/5)

My business loan was approved with Standard Chartered Bank at an interest rate of 24% per annum. I felt the interest is a bit high but the disbursal was timely which rescued me from a big loss.


Rajesh Kumar Chhabra(5/5)

I got a business loan through Finance buddha from HDFC Bank. The Interest Rate was ok for me. And the amount of loan approved was as much i wanted. The process was very simple and didn't require much hassle. The repayment option is provided with online payments too which makes it more affordable.


Rahul Bhaskar(5/5)

I love banking with Citibank. Everything ranging from their online services to phone banking services is excellent. I always reach out to Citibank first for my requirements. They have solutions for all requirements. Recently when I was in urgent need of cash, all I had to do was to apply for a business loan through their only website and within 5 days all procedures were complete and money was remitted to my bank account.


Kavya Niranjan(5/5)

Getting small business loans at lowest interest rates & low processing fees is now possible if you are applying for loan through Finance Buddha. I have been using this platform from past 5 months for various requirements and am happy with all types of services offered.


Sudipta P(5/5)

This is the 1st time am using a platform like Finance Buddha. Initially I was very worried about the reliability but then they offered best of best services and gained my trust. Now I got a business loan with 16.5% ROI without any issues Ð thank you Finance Buddha for being a helping hand during hard times.


Anusuya T Gopal(5/5)

Am lucky to be introduced with Finance Buddha to get my business loan. I was hand-held right from the beginning and until completion of loan process and getting money in my account. With timely status update a very professional service was offered by Finance Buddha.



From past 2 months am trying for a new business loan and I got best deals through Finance Buddha. They are very informative and co-operative. I was guided clearly with steps to apply for a business loan and got the same approved.



Through simple documentation I got business loan approved with HDFC bank. This is the best bank for all types of business loans. If you are a new customer to HDFC bank, make use of Finance Buddha for all information. I will rate this bank 5/5 for its loan services offered to customers.



I never thought getting a business loan will be this easy. Great thanks to Finance Buddha for offering such good platform for all loan requirements. I got business loans at 16% ROI and money was disbursed within 8 days of applying for loan. Very co-operative services were offered by bank staffs too.



All employees or staffs in Finance Buddha are soft spoken. They are very co-operative and try to clearly understand customerÕs needs. I felt very comfortable dealing with them through for my business loan from HDFC bank.



The best bank in India for new business loans is Citibank. I am saying this with my personal experience with the bank. Over the course of past 4 years, I have never default any payments and my CIBIL score was on the higher side. This helped me to get a business loan without any issues.


Madhu Sudhana(5/5)

I made use of the small business loan option offered by ICICI bank for its current account customers. The whole process was smooth and hassle-free. There was less need of documentations as I already have a current account with the bank. Bank was ready to compromise on the rate of interest on business loan as I am a customer with them from past 8 years.


Kumar Ujjwal(5/5)

I was very skeptical about these online websites that help in getting loans. But after going through the reviews and feedbacks about Finance Buddha services, I decided to apply for a business loan through this platform. And was surprised to see all information offered by the website was accurate. This website has helped me with my business loan application and am happy with the service.


Santhosh Kumar(4/5)

HDFC bank offers very fast business loan services. I received the best rate of interest. The whole process was well managed by the Finance Buddha team. My sister has now applied for a home loan through this website. I will share the reviews for the same shortly.


Ramesh Chandra(5/5)

Very good service from ICICI bank. I got fast business loans. Even Finance Buddha team worked very hard to ensure everything is getting done at the right time. As they were very regular in updating me on the status of the loan, there was no need for me to make calls or visit the bank.


Rachana S(5/5)

Vijay did excellent loan co-ordination at Finance Buddha. Getting business loan is no more a tedious process- all you need to do is just visit Finance Buddha website, check for eligibility and apply for loan. Rest everything will fall in place as you expected and you can actually enjoy the loan application process if you are applying for loan through this website.

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