Personal loans are quite convenient & easy to avail of due to their online availability and low eligibility requirements. However, several lenders are offering personal loans and as a borrower, it’s your responsibility to choose the best one for yourself. 

How to Know Which Personal Loan is the Best?

There are no specific criteria to define the best personal loan. However, a personal loan that is offered at a low-interest rate is always preferred by the people. Apart from this a loan with low processing fees, a longer tenure period, and the one which allows pre-closure and part payments also attracts the majority of the borrowers. 

Why choose Finance Buddha for your Personal Loan?

  • Multiple offers at a single platform: At Finance Buddha, you get an option to compare multiple lenders for the interest rate and other offerings. This way you are saved from the hassle of visiting different lenders offline or online. 
  • See all possible lenders: Finance Buddha showcases you all the possible lenders for a personal loan along with their eligibility criteria and terms. This helps you to enquire about different lenders without affecting your credit score.
  • Check eligible loan amount: At Finance Buddha you can check for the loan amount you are eligible for and hence can adjust for the same or lender accordingly.
  • Customer assistance: We at Finance provide 24*7 customer assistance which will help you to choose the best lender for you as per your requirements. 
  • Fast processing: Here processing is done based on proprietary algorithms and software which reduces the manual afford and thus reduces the time taken for your personal loan approval.
  • You can know your EMI: Personal Loan EMI Calculator present at Finance Buddha portal helps applicants to know their monthly EMI pay-out. This feature allows you to analyse your affordability and plan your finances accordingly.
  • Get a personal loan online: The best thing about finance buddha personal loan is, you can apply for the loan online using internet and laptop/mobiles. Additionally, this makes things proceed in a hassle-free way. 
  • Instant e-Approval: Get e-approval for your personal loan application in a matter of 2 hours when you apply online through
  • Assured Privacy and Transparency: The information and details provided by the customers/applicants are kept secret as maintaining customer’s privacy is always our top priority. Another important point is that your loan is processed through a completely transparent system and hence you  need not to bother about hidden charges and terms. 

How to Apply for a Personal Loan at Finance Buddha?

  • Step1. Open on your mobile phone or laptop.
  • Step2. Go to the instant personal loan icon and fill the application form present there. You need to provide correct information such as the nature of your employment, net monthly income, present address, and the desired loan amount. Select the check box to accept the applicable terms and conditions and click Proceed ahead.
  • Step3. Once you are done with the form, you will receive confirmation SMS and mail from our end and will be directed to send us the required documents through mail.  
  • Step4. You will receive call-backs from us through which you will be guided to select the personal loan offer that best suits your requirement.
  • Step5. You will get to know your interest rate, EMI, and processing fees.
  • Step6. You have to e-sign the loan agreement and your loan will be disbursed within the same day.

So, if you are suffering from any cash crunch, then why wait? When you can get a Personal Loan the same day?

Apply for an Instant Loan from Finance Buddha and get money in the bank account the day you apply. Interest starts @10.5%. 

Why should you apply for a Personal Loan at Finance Buddha
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Why should you apply for a Personal Loan at Finance Buddha
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