State Bank of India is India’s largest and most trusted Government Bank. SBI is the most preferred bank among the borrowers when it comes to Home Loan. However, there are many other banks such as HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB and many more who are the top providers of a home loan but still SBI is considered the best option among all. Let us have a look at the factors and features of SBI which makes it the best option for home loan borrower.

Why do Most of the Borrowers Prefer SBI Home Loan?


SBI is the largest government sector bank in India and this is enough for us Indians to trust it. The reason behind this trust is people strongly believe that if something goes wrong and the banks fail then the government will securely rescue it. In this way, the customers are always on the safe site and relaxed comparatively more than a private bank. This thing has been proved in the brand trust report that SBI is the most trusted Bank in India.

How to Compare and Choose Home Loans in India

No Hidden Charges

With many of the banks, you will be charged some fees which were not mentioned in the initial stage of availing a home loan. But with SBI one can be relaxed that there are no hidden charges. Even the processing fees charged is zero.

Low-interest Rate

It is for sure that the interest charged on a home loan with SBI will be definitely lower than home loan interest of any other banks. One of the reasons behind this is the economies of scale. And the second reason is- SBI has access to cheap funds and the CASA ratio of SBI is one of the best among all the banks. All these factors enable SBI to provide loans at lower interest rates.

How to Get the Best Home Loan Rates

Legal Verification

SBI Home Loan is approved only after strict, careful and persistent efforts. As SBI have a selfish motive to keep NPA’s under control.  A project approved by SBI has complete assured that there will be no legal issue in the project.

Largest Branch Network

State Bank of India has the largest bank network in the country. This makes it easy for the borrowers to inquire about any quarry about their loans. Though online home loan account is available and you can perform most of the basic functions through it. For the borrowers who are not comfortable with an online account may visit the branch easily due to its availability of branches in a large number.

Features Offered By SBI Home Loans

  1. Availability of different types of Home Loan    
  • Regular Home loans.
  • Home Loan balance transfer.
  • NRI Home Loan.
  • Flexipay Home Loan.
  • Privilege Home Loan.
  1. Facility to Apply Online for Home Loans

One can apply online for a Home Loan with SBI in just 3 easy steps.

  • Fill Income & Property Details.
  • View and apply for the home loan offers.
  • Complete the application.
  • Instant approval.

Essential Considerations before Applying for a Home Loan

  1. Low-Interest rate

SBI offers Home Loan at minimum rates which is 8.45% per annum.

  1. SBI Home Loan Offers

SBI gives many loan offers to make it more convenient for its customers to avail a home loan. Moreover, these offers attract the borrowers. Some of the offers which are offered by SBI to its customers are-

  • SBI Rewardz for the Home Loan

SBI Rewardz offers reward points to its customers on various things such as- Net banking, Debit cards, Loans, mobile banking. Reward points collected can be beneficial and provide different benefits.

  • Bridge Home Loans by SBI 

Bridge home loans offered by SBI can be used to upgrade your house. Means Bridge home loan provides you funds to purchase a big home when you own a small home.

Bridge Home Loan to Cover the Gap to Your Dream Home


Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana aims to provide HOUSING FOR ALL. Under this Scheme, a subsidy of INR 2.5 lakhs can be availed by the eligible households.

Eligibility to avail this scheme is – a household must have an income from INR. 3 lakhs to INR. 6 lakhs.