The month of February is the shortest month of the year but the significance of this month is never less for the ones who value their loved ones the most. The month of February gives us one more chance to express our love as ‘the love week’ falls in this month. The love week starts on 7th February with the rose day and lasts till 14th February with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. This is the 5th day of love week and it is celebrated as ‘ Promise Day’.

Promise Day

Small Promises: Big Changes

The Promise day is celebrated on 11th of February every year. The promise day is one of the special days of the love week and the celebration of promise day was started in western countries. In later times, the lovebirds of every nation and every community started celebrating this day by making promises to their loved ones. Making promises small or big to our partner is common when you are in a relationship. Some of those promises are kept lifetime while some other slips off from our hands with passing time. But making small promises are the little showcase of our love to our loved ones. Making promises gives you the feeling of assurance of being together even in the dark side of life. This promise day gives you one more chance you make promises that you did not pledge earlier.

Promise Day with a Brand New Perspective

The day after day and year after year you must have promised her sharing, caring, respecting and so on. This promise day let’s make a really big promise- The promise of financial security. Yes, the financial security is something which every girl aspires to get from their partner.  A stable financial future is the best promise you can ever make.

Promise for financial security

Are Just the Promises Enough?

And the answer is NO! Just the promises are never enough to make the day special as the promises are not tangible. Let’s bind the promises with long-lasting gifts so that the promises we have made never go fade. Here are some ways to make the promise day a special one.

  1.  Let’s make the promises tangible by documenting it. You can give her greeting cards mentioning your promises. The greeting card can be clubbed with chocolates of various kinds, flowers, gift etc.
  2. If you have promised a stable financial future, you can get an insurance plan, start a joint account or start investing. If you take any of the steps, it will make your partner believe that you are serious about your promises and keep your promise throughout life.
  3. You can better invest in precious metals like gold, platinum or diamond. Investing in precious metal on promise day has a double benefit. First is showing your seriousness in money matters and the second is gifting her ornaments of precious metal will make her happier than ever before.
  4. If you want to go one more step ahead, you can finalise a house if your finances allow. A house does not only carry financial value, but it also has a lot of emotional value too. Finalising a home on promise day will be a unique way to express that you want to spend your life in this house and with her company.
  5. Along with finances, never to ignore the emotions. Along with the big promises, small promises are also important. Don’t miss to make a promise of being with her in every stage of life. As well as, make a promise of listing, promise of being supportive, promise of loyalty, promise of freedom and so on.  

home for promis day

The Biggest Promise Ever

With all those promises, make a last but never least promise of ‘ Keeping all the promises you have made’ People say promises are mended to be broken. Well, not all promises are the same. The gentlemen make promises and keep them till their last breath. So make a gentlemen’s promise and do take slow but steady steps to keep your promises.

A Promise to Yourself

A Promise to Yourself

Promises are not only those commitments which we make to someone else, but there are also times when we vow to ourselves. The promise of a stable financial future is indeed a very big commitment. To accomplish the commitment, you are to work smartly to earn better and be watchful on your finances. Disciplined financial habits are the key to a stable financial life in the future. Well-Managed finance is the perfect combination of earnings, savings, investing and credits. You can certainly take help of instant loans if your savings are not enough to meet both ends. Applying for personal loans sensibly and being disciplined in repaying is key to make your finances even stronger.