Finance Buddha is India’s #1 DSA. Which provides you Free Loan Advice, Doorstep Application Assistance & 24/7 Support. It’s not only a loan comparison site but also gives you the most exhaustive range of options for loans. 

We at Finance Buddha strongly believe every borrower has a unique financial position and requirement. Hence, we always have a dedicated sales manager to advise you on the best bank to choose, do the initial documentation, answer bank queries on your behalf, negotiate on your behalf, complete the loan documentation and ensure disbursal to your account.

We provide our services in more than 14 cities. The senior management consists of people who have held leadership roles with banks/NBFC like Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bajaj Finserve, GE Money, etc. It is entirely due to the efforts of our loyal employees (attrition of less than 5% over the last 4 years) that we are currently disbursing more than 2500 cr with 2,00,000+ happy customers till now. 

Why Finance Buddha?

  1. The process is completely online here.
  2. You get advice on the best offer keeping your eligibility in mind.
  3. You get multiple options to choose from for the best rates and offers.
  4. Even the documentation process is online.
  5. You just need to eSign the Loan Agreement.
  6. Loan Disbursal in just a few hours

Our Services

Insta Loan

Insta Loan by finance buddha is an instant online personal loan that is being offered in more than 14 cities. You can apply for this loan directly from our portal and get money in the bank account within no time. The loan amount approved depends on the applicant’s eligibility and profile. However, the loan amount ranges from ₹50,000 to ₹50 Lakhs. The process is completely online which makes it more convenient and hassle-free for the applicants. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest personal loans you can get in India. 


  • Get Instant eApproval
  • 100% Online Process
  • No Physical Documents Required
  • Loan Disbursal in 2 Hours
  • Lowest Interest Rates starting @10.5%
  • Avail Personal Loan from ₹50,000 to ₹5,000,000
  • Tenure From 12 to 60 Months
  • Custom Loan Offers to Employees of Top Companies

Home Loan

Housing is one of the most basic needs for humans along with food and clothing. Every youngster strives to build a house of their own and this is where finance Buddha can help you. We have partnerships with all the top banks and provide you with the best deal from them. 

Housing is a major investment that comes with a long-term financial commitment so, searching for the best offering depending on your requirement is the most important thing. On the Finance Buddha website, we have offers from all the top banks which makes it easy for you to compare and choose as per your affordability and requirement.


  • Purpose: Offers money for construction, purchase of a fully constructed house from builders, extension or renovation of the existing house.
  • Loan Amount: The Home Loan amount approved depends on the requirement. However there is a limit on loan amount which is ranging from ₹2 lac to ₹2 crores, and this is calculated on the applicant’s eligibility, repayment capacity, and income.
  • Security: All home loans are secured wherein collateral is a must.
  • Loan Tenor: 20 years is the maximum loan tenure offered for a home loan.
  • One can avail of tax benefits from home loans. Under Section 80CCE of the Income Tax Act, 1961 repayment of principal up to ₹ 100,000 on a home loan is subject to a tax deduction. Once all prescribed conditions are met, this benefit can be availed.

Business Loan

A Business Loan is one of the easiest ways to get funding for your business needs. And Finance Buddha brings you the best business loan deals from all top banks. The loan amount you can get approved for a business loan directly depends on your eligibility. Finance Buddha also brings you this loan with and without collateral with pre-approved offers. It is the money that is credited to your account with a certain percentage of interest and fixed tenure for repayment. This amount can be used for the expansion of an existing business or the start of a business from the scratch. 


Accessible and Convenient – Finance Buddha brings you the most accessible and convenient business loans for which you can apply online from the comfort of your house.

Multiple Loan Options – All banks promote various types of programs and schemes to encourage start-ups and business ownership. And Finance Buddha brings you all the options in one place which makes it easy for you to compare and apply.

Non Profit Sharing – Angel investors and venture capitalists agree to offer a loan with the agreement of having partial ownership of the business, they will thus get the right to powers of the business and in decision making also they will share the profits of the business along with the business owner. On the flip side, we don’t put their hands into business money, everything you earned through your business is all yours. There is no share of profits or losses. Banks sanction a loan intending to get their interest and partial loan-payment instalments.

Lower Rates of Interest – The business loan rate of interest in banks is low as compared to those of private money lenders. 

Business Loans Offer Tax Benefits – Businesses taking bank loans can enjoy tax benefits since the ratio of profits is used to pay the loan amount; it is exempted from tax calculations. Comparison from Different Banks/NBFCs – Before making the final decision comparing all the offerings from banks and NBFCs is a must. The factors that should be considered are interest rate, which type of interest rate method is used, processing fee and other charges, EMI, what eligibility criteria, is there a need for collateral or not, how reliable the bank is, what minimum requirement criteria are and so on. Finance Buddha is the one solution for all these, you can just visit the website, compare and apply as per your preference. Moreover, our executives are always there to assist you. 

What is Finance Buddha and how does it Work
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What is Finance Buddha and how does it Work
Read onto this Finance Buddha blog, to know why Finance Buddha is India's #1 DSA. Which provides you Free Loan Advice, Doorstep Application Assistance & 24/7 Support.
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