You might have received an SMS or mail saying “congratulations! you are eligible for a pre-approved loan of this much amount”. When receiving this SMS or mail many of you must be wondering what it is? I haven’t applied for any loan then how come I am pre-approved for it?

Well, when you have a good credit history & a clear track record of your finances, you attract most of the lenders to lend you and hence they offer you a pre-approved loan.

Coming to the HDFC pre-approved loan, it is the same as we discussed above. A pre-approved loan by HDFC is a personal loan for a short term that can be used for any purpose. A pre-approved personal loan by HDFC needs no documentation and takes the least processing time. Generally, the pre-approved facility is provided to the existing customers of HDFC as they already have the track record of those customers with them.

Who is eligible for an HDFC pre-approval Loan?

Generally, when you are a long-standing customer with a good credit history, your bank feels secure to lend you and hence they offer you the pre-approved loan facility. Hence, to be eligible for a pre-approved personal loan with HDFC you need to be an HDFC customer and most importantly you need to have a good credit history. 

If you are an existing HDFC customer and want to know whether you are eligible or this or not- you can login to your Net Banking and check for it.

Features of HDFC pre-approved Loans

Instant Approval

With HDFC bank pre-approved loans, existing customers can get the funds allotted in your account in just a few minutes. And for Non-HDFC customers funds are allotted in your bank account in just 4 hours.


Pre-approved personal loans from HDFC comes with a flexible tenure ranging from one year to five years. The tenure can be chosen by you as per four requirements and affordability. Remember while choosing your tenure you have to be extra careful as your EMI directly depends on your interest rate and tenure period.

Affordable Interest Rates

Since the bank itself is offering you this loan the interest charged for it is much affordable. But as the loan is totally unsecured it is important to cover the risk involved to lenders and hence this loan can be a bit costlier than other conventional loans. 

Zero Documentation

As the loan is Pre-approved and you have an existing account with the bank, they already have your details. So, no documentation is required and in the case of Non-HDFC customers, the documentation process is minimal and completely paperless. 

Online and Paperless

The process is completely online and you can apply for this through the HDFC & its partners portal itself. Documentation is minimal and involves no paperwork. 


Money borrowed through Pre-approved loans from HDFC can be used for any purpose. From funding your home renovation to paying medical bills, a pre-approved personal loan from HDFC can do it all.