Rose Day

Finally, it’s 7th Feb and with it, the week of love has started. The Week is celebrated as the love week when love birds express their love to each other. The starting is made with a sweet & lovely gesture of giving roses to your loved ones to express your love. Yes! You are right it’s the Rose Day. Well many of us believe that love does not need any special day or occasion to celebrate or give something. But you will agree with the point that it’s important to show your love to the one who is special in your life. Giving roses is not just celebrating the rose day, it’s about making your loved ones feel special which they always deserve. And this is why the week of love is important to offer gifts and roses to your loved ones.

You may think it’s only for the lovers, but you are wrong. As said above the day is about making your loved ones feel special, be it your mom, your best friend, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend or your husband. In today’s busy world we all are busy in your routine life and don’t get time to express our love to the one who deserves so much value in our life. Giving a rose to them will not only bring a smile on their face but can also bring positivity and spark in your relationship. 

So it will be perfect when you pick the perfect rose for your loved one this Rose Day? Do you know the colour significance of roses?

Various shades of roses are used to communicate various sentiments and feelings, and thus allows individuals to express their love and feelings to the loved ones of their love. 

Red Rose

A Red Rose

This one I think is known to everyone and is a sign of love. So, if you are in love with anyone and want to express it, it’s the perfect day for you. Don’t hesitate and give them a Red Rose Today!

Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose

Yellow colour stands for friendship. It’s always said that one who has good friends in their life doesn’t need anything else to be happy. A good is always there for you in your happiness to celebrate, in your sorrows to support you and in your downs to push you up. So, if you have a friend like that, let’s make them feel special and brighten up their day by giving Yellow Roses today.

Orange Rose

Orange Rose

It stands for passion and energy. Orange is a mixture of yellow and red and the same it symbolizes. It can be a bridge between your friendship and love.

White Rose

White Rose

A white rose symbolizes peace & a fresh start. It is best to give when you have a big fight with your friend or lover. Giving a white rose is a sign that you are ready for things to let go and to have a fresh start. 

Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Usually given to a friend or a mentor to show them respect & admiration. The pink rose signifies grace and admiration so if you have a mentor or coach it time to feel them respected for what they have given you.

How to Celebrate Rose Day?

If you are planning to celebrate this day with your lover, the best way can be going on a dinner date. Plan it romantically, go for a candlelight dinner and give her/him the roses. 

If you want to celebrate the day with your mom, surprise her by giving the roses and a sweet hug, tell her to take rest and cook for her today or go out for lunch or dinner. And if it’s your friends go to them with a hand full with a bunch of yellow roses. Spend the day together shopping in a mall, playing games or you can also go for a movie outing.

Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. So, go out, express your feeling to the loved ones of your life. Gifting a rose to someone special in your life can brighten up their day.

Valentine’s Week Begins
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Valentine’s Week Begins
Valentine Week has just arrived, and love is in the air. Giving roses to your loved ones on this special day is the first step to express your love. So let's surprise them with a bunch of roses!!
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