New Year’s Eve!

The New Year’s Eve is just round the corner and it’s the time of joy & happiness which one celebrates with their family & loved ones. 

The eve is all about giving a warm farewell and saying goodbye to the last day of the year and, welcoming the upcoming New Year whole heartedly. New Year’s Eve comes only once a year and is one of the most celebrated days globally. It takes up most of the main channels on television and people do fun things to make the day special. There is enthusiasm in the air that starts right before Christmas and lasts till the New Year making it a favourite holiday.

new year events 2020
New Year Events 2020

New Year Celebration 

As the New Year Eve is closer, most of us have started setting up our plans, the ideal night outs, clubs, parties, drinks with your loved ones is being arranged. Whether it be a family settled in a small town of India or one in Landon, the way of celebration may vary, but everyone has some plans to celebrate the New Year. 

Tired of spending every New Year’s Eve boozing, and partying at the clubs & pubs? No worries, we present to you some unique ways to bid goodbye to 2019 & start 2020.

We all plan something, but want to make it different and unique from our previous year celebrations. So, if you are among those who want to get rid of the same repeated celebrations & old ideas of the New Year celebrations and want to do something different this time then this blog is definitely going to help you.

New Year Celebration
New Year Celebration

Cook a Special Delicacy for Your Family

You might have heard that food is the best way to get anyone’s heart. 

You might be having a cook at your house who prepares daily meals for you and your family. Give a holiday to them on this New Year, it will be a bliss to them as they can spend some more time with their family. Now after this, cook something special and brings a smile on everyone’s face. It’s not the taste that matters, but it’s your effort and heart which matters. I can guarantee you, the taste may not be that great as the restaurant food, but the smile which will be on your wife and kids face will surely make your efforts worthwhile.

Special Delicacy for Your Family
Special Delicacy for Your Family

Host an Inhouse Party

This is for those who love to party. You can plan a house party, invite your friends, prepare or order some food and drinks, arrange for some rocking music and you are all set to rock the New Year with a bang.

If not hosting, you can also go to a friend’s party who has invited you.

Get some wine or their favourite food on the way, to make the party more enjoyable.   

Host an Inhouse Party
Inhouse Party

Playing Games

Playing games with your family and friends is a great idea to start a new year. It will be enjoyable, as well as you will be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. We all are so busy in our lives that we forget to collect small memories which make our life joyful. Playing games not only increases our bonding but they also add fun in life. So plan games and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Playing Games
Playing Games

Head Out 

Wish to head out, away from all the hustle-bustle? Well, if you’re among those who are bored from partying every time on New Year’s Eve, then this is for you. Get out of your cosy house and Show up for a vivacious climb/trek through the mountains or a path. You can plan for an outdoor trip with your family and make a stop at the end of the week. There’s no better start to the New Year than one in the midst of nature and your friends and family.

This will not be a change for a moment, but it will give you a break from your daily and will motivate you for the rest of the year ahead.

New Year’s Resolutions 

Setting goals is the best way to shape your future, and what can better than starting it on the New Year. This will inspire you for the year ahead and will keep you motivated! 

Your New Year resolution can be related to anything, the changes you want to see in yourself or the goals you want to achieve in the New Year. Setting financial and health-related resolutions is always best to make as they improve for life.

2020 new year resolutions
New Year Resolutions

Let’s hope that this upcoming 2020 year will be better for every one of us. So, let’s make the beginning of the year happening and welcome 2020 with love, and celebrate this year’s start to make it brighter.