Most of us have made our current career decisions based on the opportunity we got, convenience, profit and yes parent’s willingness too. Well, the one who has opted their career based on these reasons are just working to get the salary at the end of the month end so that they can earn their livelihood. While, the one who has pursued their hobby as their career loves their job. It will not be false if we say that pursuing your hobbies as your career is the true accomplishment. They are doing what they love and they love what they do. This has helped them to excel in their career and earn a good amount of money as well. 

We all want to wake up excited on Monday, enjoy the work we do and come home invigorated to do it all again tomorrow. This can only be turned into reality by your hobby, the passion you already have can be converted into a career and be your main source of income. If you do this, work and enjoyment would become the same. And you will enjoy each day at work. 

Here are a few tips which will help you turn your passion into your earning source:

Keep Innovating

This is the main key which will help you, when friends and visitors start to compliment you for any of your work, creativity, hobbies you need to take it seriously. Think can you convert this part-time work, hobby, passion to your source of income. 

Let’s say, you have decorated your house yourself, starting from the paint to the paintings, from flower vase to furniture. All are so symmetrical that you get often complimented for it. You currently work as a tech. support employee doing this just to earn your livelihood. Here, if you take your passion seriously you can take to the next level and earn from this. You can enrol yourself to an interior designing course and take it further professionally. Expand your client base, learn how to market your product/skill.

Research well

Via online platform and real-life connections, get a rough idea of how much other businesses charge for the product or services you offer. Research everything related to your field. Have the knowledge from basic to expertise and excel in your field. Do a competitor analysis, get a sense of what the landscape is like, and how your business will fit into it. Try to offer the service at better rates and with better offers to gain popularity initially. 

 Learn from Feedback & Criticism

Your family & Friends and even clients play a vital role to shape you professionally with your hobby. And this can happen only when you will pay attention to their feedback and consider their remarks. Mistakes are common and you can’t deny the fact that it’s possible to make mistakes. Working on the feedback and criticism can help you grow and do better the next time. Your enthusiasm and passion may be keeping you from seeing something that might be a hazardous obstacle which your friends and family can see.

Analyse yourself for Can you do what you love as a full time job?

Well, even if you want to pursue your hobby as your career the most important thing which you need to consider is- Do you have sufficient funds for it? Saying is quite easy but, once you decide to go with your dreams there are a lot more things to consider. Continuing with your hobby means you have to quit your job. So, do you have sufficient funds to survive months without a job? I am saying this because relying on a new venture to earn your livelihood is not a good idea. You need to have some backup plans, like you can start your hobby professionally as a part time and don’t quit your job unless you think your new venture is doing well. Once you have the plan you can also save for it for a few months as backup money and quit your job once you think you have money to survive at least for 6-7 months without any job.  

Get a concrete plan

Having a concrete plan is one of the most important things which you need to start a business. Plan for everything from finances to the workplace and from marketing strategies to growth plan. Everything should be planned well, try to sketch it on papers and yes this all starts with convincing your family. In India people believe only doctors, engineers and working in a 9-6 job can give you money and prestige in the society. Hence it becomes quite difficult for many to convince their family to work on their hobbies and take it professionally. 

Each part of making a profession includes innovativeness and a creative mind. Whether it’s how you create the product or how you encourage the market, you’ll need to learn to innovate. 

Remember your willingness and dreams can be your biggest passion which can motivate you to work.