Starting a new business without investment sounds impossible. But to the surprise of many aspiring individuals, it is no more a daydream to start a business without much investment. Starting a business is not only depended on investing a high amount in the business. Along with the investment, one needs to have brilliant ideas and desire to work hard to make their small business an established one.

Businesses can generally be categorised in two kinds: product based company and service Provider Company. Starting a product based company is nearly impossible without investment but the field of service based companies are really diversified and one can start one with no to minimal investment.

Top 8 Business Ideas for Women

If you are interested and have skills in any of those service providers, you can turn your skills to business. You can consider starting a business taking your skills as your investment. In case, you don’t have any such skills, you can still start a business as the internet is always there to help us. The internet today has an abundance of information in all fields that you can definitely get success if you try your best.

 Top 5 Business Ideas to Start with Zero Investment

Being a Part of Social E-Commerce Companies

The social e-commerce companies are the talk of the town. To earn good through social e-commerce companies what you only need is a large group of connection in social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. The social e-commerce sites give you an option to open an online store and sell the products of the company within your friend circles. What you only need is to take an order from the buyers. The rest of the processes like taking the payment, shipment etc will be done by the company. The company will give you your commission on the sale of every product. An active worker can easily earn Rs.20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month with this business.

social media

Pet Care

The pets nowadays are loved and pampered a lot by their owners. But the problem arises when the family wants to go for a vacation. Such situations can arise if the pet owner is single and needs to have frequent business tours. Leaving the pet alone at home is not possible neither it is possible to take the pet to the outstations. Such are the times when a pet care centre becomes a high need. One can start a pet care centre as a start-up business. This does not require any investment as the pet owner is to provide all the necessary items for the pets while they are away. Being a business owner what you only need to do is taking care of the pet.

Pet Care


The 21st century is the age of freelancing. This is such a business which gives you freedom in your work while giving you benefits like a day job holder. Unlike an office employee, you can works for more than one company as a freelancer. It gives you the freedom to work as per your convenience. You can work at any time and from any place. Moreover, if you are a smart worker, you can earn much more than doing the same work as a regular employee as you can work simultaneously for a number of companies.


Being on Social Site

Being active on social sites do not only expands your knowledge or gives you entertainment, but it can also be a great source of income too. Social sites like Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok etc can be used as a business too. You can start a youtube channel to upload videos of your skills. If your channel is subscribed by a huge number of people and you get a good number of views it will start generating revenue. The same applies to Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and so on. More and more visitors and followers on those social sites not only make you a public figure, but you can also earn a considerable amount of money.

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Baby Sitter

In the urban culture, most of the families are nuclear and both the husband and wife are working. In such situations, taking care of the baby becomes a big deal for urban couples. You can start giving service as a baby sitter which requires no money at all. But never to forget the fact that this business is a sophisticated one and you have to be super conscious all the times. But the earnings are also quite high in this business.

baby sitter


So if you are interested to run your business but can’t do it because of lack of investment then this article can make your dream of running a business come true. To start a business, it needs a lot of courage. A business always contains the risk of failure. On top of the same, the lack of sufficient fund is the next obstacle that almost all budding entrepreneurs have to come over. In order to wake the entrepreneur inside you, you can opt for any of the business ideas mentioned above. Once you start earning you can gather some capital and invest the same to start your dream business.