Following the Rose Day, 8th February is celebrated as Propose Day. The day is special as on this day the love birds accept their feelings for each other. 

Well, our love & feelings for loved ones never need a particular day to express it. But to keep the spark alive and letting someone special in your life know their importance is also important. So, why not to do this on this valentine week when love is in the air & being celebrated all around the world.

It won’t be wrong if we call this day a confession day as the young hearts wait for this day to confess their feeling for their someone special. 

“The day is for proposal, love, and celebration acceptance of love.”

Expressing your love and confessing it can be done in many ways, be it bending on your knees with a ring and asking the love of your life- will you marry me,

Giving a bouquet and saying them I LOVE YOU,

Saying your wife or hubby that you mean a lot to me and I want you for the lifetime.

Be it a handwritten beautiful note for your lover.

Or saying your crush that you like them a lot.

Well, the way may differ but the point is one- you want to make your loved ones realize their importance in your life.  

 So, on this beautiful occasion of Propose Day, let us propose our loved ones and say them- you need them for the rest of your life. And will love them always no matter what will be the situation but your love for them will never decrease.

Best Proposal Ideas

When you love someone then what would be better than expressing your love to them on this special day. So, let’s not be shy or worried about his/her reply and just say your feelings. We all know the fact that feeling matters, but the way you propose also matters as that shows your effort and love too. Here are the best ideas to propose your love one.

  •  Propose with a Ring

This is always classy, propose her with a Ring. And what would be better than a gold or platinum ring? You believe me or not this will make your intentions clear how much you love her.

  • A Destination Trip with the Love of Your Life

A proposal can never be forgettable when done in a planned way. And what would be better if done on a destination vacation with your special one. Destination proposals are always memorable and leave an unforgettable impact on your loved one’s heart.