Choose the Right Property Before Investing Your Hard Earned Money

It’s very important to take care of certain things before you put your hard-earned money into investment. To help you move ahead with the right decision on your investment in a property, We have certain things to check for before choosing a property for you.

Tax Benefits of Owning Multiple Houses

Investing in real estate is the most common investment for we Indians. Investment is now a days considered a better option than savings as with investment your money grows with time without any extra effort. With the rising price of… Continue Reading →

Tips to Avoid Rejection of Your Home Loan Application

With the rise in prices of the property, buying a home seems a very difficult task. Even if you decide to buy one, it is not at all possible with the available funds you have in form of savings, be… Continue Reading →

Everything that You Should Know about RERA

As the changes occur in the economy there need to be regulators in every department to see whether no crime or fraud is committed. While, there is some present currently such as TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), RBI (Reserve… Continue Reading →

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