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Personal Loan Prepayments: Should you go for it or not?

Personal Loan pre-payments & part-payments are a great way to reduce your financial burden. However, whether to pre-pay the loan or not is always the decision of the borrower, which he/she should take after thinking all possible aspects.

How Much Personal Loan Can You Qualify for on your Salary?

Personal Loans are unsecured and before approving it lenders check for the repayment capacity of the applicant. Read onto this Finance Buddha blog to find out How Much Personal Loan Can You Qualify for on your Salary?

Personal Loans Starting @9.6%: Check out the Best Personal Loan Deals

Personal loans have proved to be a great saviour for many in this COVID-19 pandemic. In this Finance Buddha blog, you’ll find the best Personal Loans deals. Visit Now

Should you become a Loan Guarantor?

While being a loan guarantor you may be helping a friend or relative but do you know any default by the primary borrower can land you in serious trouble and you may need to repay the outstanding amount.

Situations when applying for Personal Loan is a Good Idea

Though we all prefer avoiding loans in our lives, Here are some situations where availing a personal loan can make great financial sense. Read onto this Finance Buddha blog for information.

Smart Ways to Reduce Loan Burden without Affecting Your Wallet

Availing a loan can be fun for many as they get easy access to funds, but the truth remains that they are to be repaid and that too with accumulated interest. Here are a few tips which will help you to reduce your debt burden without stressing your wallet.

How Much Personal Loan You Can Get on Your Salary?

There is no standard or any significant criteria to decide how much personal loan will be approved on your salary. However, the loan amount approved generally varies from lender to lender and strictly depends on the applicant’s profile and income.

Transfer Your Personal Loan for a Lower Interest Rate

Being a rational human being always opts for low price benefits just like a rational borrower who keeps searching for ways to lower the cost of loans. One of the ways of lowering the cost of your personal loan is by opting for a balance transfer.

How to Get a Low-Interest Rate on your Personal Loan

These tips are simple and can surely help you get your personal loan at the lower interest rate, and hence can reduce your debt burned.

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