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Investment Plan

Tax Saving or Goal Accomplishments? What is on your Priority?

Both tax-saving and financial goal accomplishment are complementary strategies. Tax saving without goal-setting could result in inefficient money allocations.

Investment Planning tips to follow this Festive Season of Diwali 2020

In this Finance Buddha blog, we have shed some light on how you can brighten your investments this Festive Season of Diwali 2020.

Grow Your Wealth: Learn the Basics of Savings and Investment

Growing wealth is not that complicated, but when you will ask people how they grow their wealth, seven out of ten will not be able to answer this and some will even be curious to know the answer. But, the fact is wealthy people don’t have some secret that you don’t. They just plan things and work as per their plan, they have set their financial goals and try to achieve them by following certain strategies that you aren’t.

Common Investment Myths Which Needs to be Avoided

Many personal finance myths are persisting in Indian society as people are still glued to old school ways of investments, but don’t worry here in today’s Finance Buddha blog we have mentioned the Common Investment Myths That One Must Need to Avoid.

Holi 2020: Money Lessons from the Festival of Colours to Improve your Financial Health

People find time from their busy schedules to reconnect and celebrate togetherness & love. Give some time to build your personal finance portfolio.

Top 4 Investment Tips for Women to Start Their Financial Journey

Women are the strongest part of any family and have a better finance management skill. No one can deny the fact that women have better savings skill than men. Whether a lady is hitched or not but It’s essential that… Continue Reading →

The Systematic Methods of Mutual Funds: SIP, STP & SWP

Of recent mutual funds have become the talk of the town as the growth and the returns of investing in mutual funds are far better than keeping your extra money in banks savings account or in FDs. Though the returns… Continue Reading →

Investment Options to have Regular Monthly Income

There are two options by which one can make money. First is you work and earn money and second is where your asset works for you and get you money. The first one is common and everyone does that. But… Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Invest Your Money to Get Best Returns

Money grows only with investments and never just by savings alone. The objective of investment is to get more out of the money you have and the purpose, channel, duration and amount is unique for everyone. With the ever increasing… Continue Reading →

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