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How do I get an Instant Personal Loan?

When you are in an emergency, money should be the last thing to bother you. To know how to apply for an Instant Personal loan, read onto this Finance Buddha blog.

How Much Personal Loan You Can Get on Your Salary?

The approved loan amount for a personal loan always depends on your income. A higher-income increases your scope of getting approved for a higher personal loan amount. A good credit score also helps you to get a better deal at… Continue Reading →

Types of Instant Loans to Cater to your Different Needs

Instant loans are best to help in emergencies as they provide you funds in very little time. The borrower is obliged to repay the loan in a fixed tenure which generally varies from one to five years.

Avail an Instant Personal Loan to Manage Your Emergencies with Ease

Medical emergencies, cash shortages, and sudden expenses are some of the unavoidable problems which most of us face in our lives. At those moments all we want is quick cash without any hassle of getting through long queues or approvals…. Continue Reading →

Top Reasons to Get an Instant Loan for Diwali Celebration

Festival represents love, happiness, togetherness. But, when you think from the financial point of view, all this is going to cost you a heavy amount. Now get an instant loan for this diwali celebration and don’t miss the happiness on the faces of your loved ones.

Know How Fast You can Get an Instant Personal Loan

Instant Personal Loans  Personal Loans help you get cash during a financial crisis. It provides you funds to meet your personal financial needs.  You must be wondering what are those conditions & needs where an instant personal loan can help you… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons why more People started Opting Personal Loan these days

The demand for personal loans is increasing among people day by day. The increasing cost of living as well as wide and easy availability of personal loans is the main reason for this.  Personal loans are unsecured and have the… Continue Reading →

Explained: How Instant is Finance Buddha’s Instant Loan

Even if you have investment and savings for the future, situations in life may come where the money is required urgently. It can be an accident, or some financial cash crunch aroused due to sudden requirement. Whenever there is an… Continue Reading →

Best Instant Loans of 2019

Are you looking for an instant cash loan in India? Well, your search ends here, with us! In this article, we have brought the best Instant loans of 2019 for you. An Instant personal loan can be a great help… Continue Reading →

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