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Everything you need to know about credit score

This article analyses the factors which affect the credit score and how missing your payments hurt the credit score.

Do you know the Importance of Checking your Credit Score Regularly?

Do you know the Importance of Checking your Credit Score Regularly? Read onto this Finance Buddha blog to learn more about it.

Top Reasons to Check your Credit Score

Your credit score provides vital information that represents your overall financial wellbeing. In this Finance Buddha blog, you’ll learn the Top Reasons to Check your Credit Score.

Why Your Home Loan can be Rejected Despite having a Good Credit Score?

If you’ve been thinking that your Credit Score & Eligibility are the only factors that decide your home loan approval then you are wrong! Apart from these two factors banks look for several other factors which as a whole decide your home loan approval. Read on to know what are those and how they affect your home loan approval.

What to Do When Your Credit Card Application Gets Rejected?

If you are among those whose credit card application has been rejected then there is nothing to worry about. We are here to help you.

Best Proven Steps to Improve Your Credit Score in 2021

Read onto this Finance Buddha blog, to find out the Best Proven Steps to Improve Your Credit Score in 2021.

Can Having too many Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is the one which defines your overall financial health, hence it’s very important to take care of it & to know about the components which can affect it or damage it.  We already know that default in… Continue Reading →

How does your Loan Repayment History affect your Personal Loan Eligibility?

Personal Loan Eligibility Personal Loans are unsecured which makes it affordable to the common people. Secondly, the freedom to use it makes it the first choice for most of the people who are in urgent need of money. People generally… Continue Reading →

Why Personal Loan Application May Be Turned Down for Those Living in Shared Accommodation?

The shared accommodation is very popular among young professionals who are bachelors or living in different cities apart from their families. This type of accommodation is not only pocket-friendly, but it also comes with many other added advantages. The notable… Continue Reading →

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