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Reasons Indian Businesses Faces Rejection for Small Business Loans

Here in this Finance Buddha blog, we have listed the common reasons behind the rejection of Small Business Loan application in India.

5 Must Ask Questions Before You Apply for a Business Loan

Read on to this Finance Buddha blog, to know the 5 Must Ask Questions Before You Apply for a Business Loan.

Do Business Loans Come with Tax Benefits?

In a business loan, interest paid in the repayment of the loan is claimed as a tax-deductible expense. Read onto this Finance Buddha blog for more information about Tax Benefits on Business Loans.

Business Loan in Bangalore

If you are in Bangalore and want to start a new business or want to expand your existing business, then read on to this Finance Buddha blog for the Best Business Loans in Bangalore

Checklist for a Business Loan Application

There are numerous options, still qualifying for a business loan is a bit tough. Let’s know a few of the business loan checklists for your loan approval.

What does a bank/financial lender look for giving a business loan?

How will you convince a lender to fund your business needs? Read this blog to know what banks look for before they approve a business loan application.

Myths About Business Loans

Business loans are easily available and are one of the most convenient ways to raise capital for a business. Still, a few people don’t opt for it due to several preconceived notions. In this blog, we will be discussing those business loan notions/myths that one shouldn’t believe.

All you need to know About Online Business Loan Lenders

Importance of Funding  Funds act as fuel for any new business which is trying to mark its existence in the market. Owning a business gives you the satisfaction of being your own master and gives you the power of decision… Continue Reading →

Difference Between Business Loan & Micro Loan

Business Funding There are various business funding options available, which include Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFCs), banks, schemes by the government, and equity & crowd funding. Among the various options available to you, choosing the right tool to fund your business… Continue Reading →

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