Humans are not perfect, neither are their thoughts perfect. It’s human to be doubtful, whether it is about decisions related to personal, professional or social life, as humans have this realization that they cannot be completely right about anything all the time. What differentiates an entrepreneur from others that they are able to be strong and win over their doubts and take decisions on their own and proceed with it.

Over their lifetime many people come up with new ideas which may change the existing, but they decide not proceed with it as they allow their doubts to rule over. Doubts like:

‘What if things go wrong?’

‘What if the energy, money and time invested goes waste?’

‘What if the people do not accept this new idea?’.

‘’Doubt is the biggest dream killer than failure”

Talking about the entrepreneurs, almost one in every 10 individual have a wish and idea to start their own business. But in most of the cases it is the doubt which don’t let ideas to work on. People get scared with possibilities of failure and give up their dreams. Starting a venture may be easy and everything might seem possible. However there can be initial failures as well. One should not let failures discourage from progressing. In my opinion failures are much better than having false presumptions. To be successful in the long run you need to be so passionate about your ideas and dreams and work towards it with a well organised plan. Whatever your idea is make a rough plan for it, including your doubts and certainties. The second thing which is required to convert your rough sketch into a successful venture is- a proper analysis regarding your ideas and most importantly about your doubts. A proper analysis and knowledge is the only thing which can help you out there. Drop your plan only when your analysis shows very less possibility of being successful.

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In times of doubt, generally people approach their friends and near and dear ones to clear their doubt, with a hope that they will help you out. At some point it is good only but, frankly saying it is not great idea. What is the guarantee that the person whom you approach for guidance will guide you in the right direction? For someone else to be able to guide you they need to have proper and sufficient knowledge themselves. It is always a good idea to approach a professional for a professional advice instead of family, friends or colleagues. Being misguided can be worse than having no knowledge of the field.

Fear is truly the biggest dream killer. People avoid chasing their dreams only because they are afraid of obstacles which may come in the way of fulfilling their dream. Fear stops many people even before starting.

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Here are Some of the Very Common Doubts People Generally Have-

  • I am not good enough for this.
  • I may fail.
  • I don’t have enough of the fund.
  • Better product exists in the market.
  • People may not respond to my product.
  • I may not be able to handle so many things.
  • I am not qualified enough to do this.
  • My idea is lacking behind.
  • Many people are better than me.
  • I may not get good employees to do my work.
  • How will I deal with so many people?
  • I won’t be able to do this alone.
  • I need partners to support me and to reduce my workload.
  • My plan is not good enough to convince investors and other money lenders.
  • I may not be able to earn profit for some years.
  • It may happen that i need to drop my plan in between.

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All these are the most common doubts which someone can have before starting any venture. But to be successful it is very important to overcome all these doubts and be confident about what you are doing. This does not implies that to feel or appear strong one should right away start their enterprise without any analysis, observation and plan. Always give yourself some time to think about the feasibility of your idea and then work on it. Be patient and work out to eliminate all the doubts that you might have. ‘Don’t let Doubts kill your Dreams’ make effort and turn your dreams into reality!