Hey Gentleman! Guess which day of the love week we are about to celebrate. It’s the Teddy Day, the fourth day of the week.

The roses you had given must have dried up and the chocolates are certain to be munched up by now but the love in the air must shower the smiles on her face. This time, it will be teddies which will make your loved ones feel the hidden treasure of love in your heart.

A Bigger Bite on Teddy Day

Teddy Day

The teddy day is one of the significant days of the love week. The 10th of February is celebrated as Teddy day which comes after chocolate day and followed by the Promise day, kiss day and so on.  Almost girls of all ages love teddies and take them as their best friends. Hardly a girl can be found who don’t keep a tender teddy by her pillow at night. They share their secrets and feelings with teddies. So gifting teddy is sure to make her happy for longer. The celebration of the teddy was started in European countries but presently the same trend is followed by all most all countries of the world.

A Special Teddy with a Unique Message

Teddies are found in abundance in the market of all size and colours. Being confused about selecting the right teddy is a common complication for almost all guys. To make the teddy selection more streamlined here we have bought the different teddy combinations and what their meanings.

  • Red Teddy with Heart Chocolate

The message that this combination gives is as clear as crystal. It means those magical words ‘ I Love You, Honey’. Those words are very simple but hold the life-changing effects. So if you want to say once again what you feel about your loved ones, give her red teddy with a box of heart chocolates.

Red teddy

  • Three Red Teddies on Red Heart

When you want to make your valentine your life partner, choose giving three red teddies which are on the red hearts. This combination says the  ‘ I Love You Forever’. The three red teddies together make you give her the message that you are and will ever be in love with her.

red teddys

  • Three Pink Teddies

If your love is new and the feeling of love towards your partner is still at the initial stage then giving a combination of three pink teddies is will convey the message. The combination of three teddies says that ‘the Love has begun’ and you are to go far together being hand in hand.

pink teddy


  • Yellow Teddy with a Love Letter

The love letters are taken as old school methods of expressing love. The love letters are replaced by SMS, chats. GIFs, videos, etc. But the magic that a love letter holds can never be denied. Can’t believe?  This teddy day why not try giving a love letter with a yellow teddy to say ‘I Miss You’.

yellow teddy

  • Pink Teddy and a Love Letter

If you really want to be your valentine be with you, you can make a romantic combination of one pink teddy with a love letter. The combination of pink teddy and love letter say how much you want them in your life. So if your message is ‘I want you’ go for pink teddy with a love letter.

love letter

  • Two Pink Teddies

If you like to spend some time together in a movie theatre, then an innovative way to invite her for a movie date will be sending her a combination of two pink teddies. The combination of two pink teddies conveys the message of ‘Movie Together’.’

two pink teddy

  • Two Red Teddies

If you want to spend the whole day with her and planning for a long drive & lunch the combination of two red teddies will be the best invitation she will ever receive. A long drive and lunch together are indeed one of the best ways to make the relationship stronger.

red teddies

  • Three Yellow Teddies

Yellow is the colour of friendship. If your relationship is still at the stage of friendship, you can better opt for three yellow teddies which will depict the message of ‘Friendship Confirmed’. Giving red or pink teddies at this stage may involve the risk of losing the friendship. So play it safe and express your feelings with a combination of three yellow teddies.

3 yellow teddies

Making the Teddy Day Memorable

The love week comes only once in a year. If you miss the chance now, you will have to wait for one more year to get this special day. Let’s find some romantic ways to make the day an exciting one-

  •  Before you plan anything else, confirm what kind of teddies your partner like. Teddies are found in many different shapes and designs. Select the ones which will make her happier.
  • The name itself suggests that you are to give teddies to your partner on the teddy day. But do you think just a teddy is enough to express your love? Give her many teddies with a number of love messages. You can even customise your teddies by printing photos or message you want to give to make it more special.
  •  Don’t forget to add other gifts, chocolates and flower with the teddy. If you really want to make the day special, plan it differently. Your creative ideas are sure to steal her heart away.
  • The next way to make the day last in your memories plan for a long drive and lunch. This plan will make your spend maximum time together.
  • After the lunch, you can plan for a romantic movie too. There are movies which are touchy and can make an impression on your mind. Make your teddy day a special one by enjoying a movie together.

Memorable teddy day

The gift of teddy, the long drive, the lunch, movie, and then? Certainly, it is dropping her home if she does not live with you. You can plan for dinner too before you drop her home.

Tender the Teddies, Tighter the Pockets

The tender teddies which you are planning to give your valentine on the teddy day are expensive. Needless to mention again that our plan is not to give just a teddy. Our plans are bigger so our expenses are. This year, let’s deal the finances with a personal loan or a line of credit. Availing a personal loan for love week celebration will not make you compromise on your monthly budget. So, apply for the finances today to make your teddy day a splendid one.