Promise Day 2020

Promise day has a lot of emotional value in itself. The day falls on the 11th of Feb and is the 5th day of the love week. Any relationship needs the commitment to be successful and this day is completely dedicated to that. To propose, someone is quite easy but giving her commitment for the rest of your life is very important. 

In Valentine’s week, each day has its own importance and significance. Such as the rose day is celebrated by giving roses to the loved ones to make them feel special.

Propose day is celebrated by proposing the love of your life to be with you and telling them how much you love them. 

Chocolate day is the third day of the week, where lovers gift chocolates to each other.

4th day is teddy day where the love birds give their partners’ teddy bears which is a symbol of cuteness and love.

The 5th day of the week is the promised day, on this day couples make promises to each other. 

The promise is made to stay together forever. 

The promise is made to love each other forever.

The promise is made to be more responsible and to take care of each other.

A promise to be honest in the relationship.

A promise to stand with each other in every phase of life.

A promise to never break these promises in life. 

Reading all this may look dramatic to you, but if you love someone, you would surely know its importance.

Promising these things to your loved one gives them confidence and security. You are able to gain your partner’s trust and most importantly it is your love bond which becomes stronger. 

To start a relationship and to continue it smoothly, you need to make many commitments and stick to them. These promises are kept for a lifetime but it may happen that you are not able to keep them all with the passing time. But you must try, making small promises are the little showcase of our love to our loved ones. Making promises gives the feeling of assurance of being together even in the darker phase of life. 

Well, these promises have emotional values and are common to be made in a relationship.

So, to make this promise day 2020 special, let’s do something different which you have not pledged before.

How to make promise day 2020 special

Flower Bouquet

Send a flower bouquet with a letter, writing how much you love her and promising all the things you will do for her in the relationship. 

Promise her financial security

Get an insurance plan, it can be either health insurance or term insurance. Gifting this on a promising day will be best. It not only reflects your love but promising her to care for her even when you will not be there. 

Open an FD on her name

FD’s are fixed deposits and a kind of investment that secures her financially for the future and can act as a backup. 

Buy her gold or platinum

Investing in gold and platinum is always a good idea. These metals are precious and are always valuable. On the other hand, ladies always have a hidden love for these metals whether they express it or not. So, investing in these metals on promise day has a double benefit. It secures you financially and on the other hand, it is the best gift for your someone special.

The Last Promise 

At last with all these promises, make the last promise of ‘ Keeping all the promises you have made’. These promises have special and emotional value and hence are not meant to be broken. Gentlemen make promises and keep them till their last breath. So make a gentlemen’s promise and do take slow but steady steps to keep your promises.