Women Entrepreneurship

For long women have been underrepresented in entrepreneurship, especially in India where women were only meant to do household works. But with the increasing literacy things are changing now. Since the last decade, the number of women entrepreneurs has increased and a number of them have proved themselves successful as well.

According to an article published by Business Standard- 

As per the Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation’s 6th economic census report – Women contributes to 14% of the total entrepreneurship which is 8.05 million out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs. 

This number is quite low and need to be increased for gender equality and women empowerment as well. Well, this is not only about gender equality or something, but women have also often proved themselves better in terms of decision making and creativity. 

Moreover, according to a recent research, it has been found that most of the women employees tend to hire mostly women, this way it increases the number of women employees and contributes to making more number of women self-dependent. This gives us a strong reason to empower and encourage women entrepreneurs.

So, to encourage our women entrepreneurs we have come up with some success tips for them.

 Top Secret to Success for Women Entrepreneurs

Establish an Unambiguous Goal

Having unambiguous goals implies having realistic goals. You can have some assumptions but your success can’t be based on assumptions. Hence set small goals in the beginning and plan your further goals based on your achievement or failure of the previous goal.  

Risk-Taking & Accepting Failures

One can never succeed until she is not ready to take the risk. No one can predict the future and hence, when you start a business you have to take risks. Sometimes you may get failures on your way, but failures are meant to be a leaning chapter to achieve success. A successful entrepreneur is one who accepts their failure and learns from them.

Bold and Disruptive Idea

With so many competitors in the industry, it becomes essential to establish your business upon the ideas that are bold and unique from others. You can only get the advantage when your idea is going to attract the customers, something more conventional, pocket-friendly and less explored can give you an advantage. 

Build Network

You cannot deny the fact that to establish a successful business you need a strong network. From purchasing raw materials to export and to get appropriate client, network plays a great role. So, to be on the list of successful entrepreneurs you need to build a strong network in your field.

Take Feedbacks

Feedback is one of the things which can help you to improve. So, whatever your business deals with, take feedback from your valuable customers and friends as well. If there is any negative feedback, don’t be late to take action against it. Even a single negative feedback opens a way for your improvement when you work on it.

Keep Experimenting

Experiments help you to know which is good and which is not. When you experiment something works well while something fails. This helps you to get to know, what you need to do to get better results and what will help you to achieve success.

Time Management

Managing time is the most important thing in any job, business. Women often struggle with the problem of time management as compared to their male counterparts. With a few obligations to satisfy, time the board for business turns out to be incredibly significant and henceforth ought to be finished with outrageous assurance. With individual obligations requesting additional time, proficient responsibilities ought not to take a rearward sitting arrangement.

Keep Learning

Learning is the key to growth, success as well. You have to agree with the fact that every successful entrepreneur is a good learner. If you want to be one among the successful try learning things regarding your field, read books, classes, masterminds and/or continuing education classes at a local university.

Ask for Help if Needed

If you want to succeed or build an empire, you can never do it alone. To build an empire you need people with you to work on your ideas and to support you. Hence, whenever you need help, there is no need to hesitate. Ask for help to who you think can help you.

Stay Away from Negativity 

You meet a lot of people whom you can’t trust, who can’t understand your perspective. There are even some you keep on saying that what you are trying to achieve is not possible and by doing so they spread a kind of negativity around you. To stay away from such things and to be motivated bit is important to stay away from such people who spread negativity.