With Valentine Love Week just a week away, the love is in the air. Nothing else beats a heart filled with love for that one dearest to us and hands holding a bunch of hundred red roses!!

The commencing of love week is just seven days away. Once again it’s time to celebrate love, celebrate life. We may call those special persons as our love, our life, partner or soulmate but we are to accept the fact that life would not have been as meaningful as it is with their company. So the time has come to celebrate the existence of love in our lives by celebrating a grand love week, the valentine week.

Why Do We Celebrate Rose Day?

Rose Day, is the first day of the Love Week, which falls on the 7th day of February. It is believed that giving roses to loved ones on this special day is the first step of expressing your love. If you alter the letters in the word ‘rose’ you will get the name of the Greek god of love whose name is EROS. This Greek goddess of love is ‘Athena’ likes roses the most. Rose has always been a symbol of love throughout the nations and cultures. The Mughal emperor Jahangir used to send tons of roses to his wife Begum Noor Jahan to make her pleased.

A Special Rose for A Special Someone

Rose is a flower which comes in every season and of course with different attractive colours. Each colour of rose symbolizes different stages of a relationship. Let us help you to find the best colour of rose for your loved one.

  • A bouquet of Red Roses indicates the love between both of you and presented to express it. The red rose also depicts the beauty and perfection of the receiver. A Deep or dark red rose is a great way of praising and revealing unconscious beauty of your partner.

Red Roses

  • Yellow Roses are for friends who are close to your heart. Giving yellow roses expresses that you are glad to have them as your friends. A bunch of yellow roses can create warm feelings and leave you with endless happiness. You can present yellow roses to show how your life has been filled with waves of laughter because of the friendship you share.

yellow roses

  • If you have made a mess with your loved one, you can ask for an apology by presenting white roses. White Roses represents peace, innocence, purity and charm. Some communities use white roses at weddings to show the beginning of a pure relationship. A white rose can bring the lost charm to your complicated relationship.

white rose


  • Pink Roses shows your cheerfulness and given to the loved/dear to cheer for their happiness. a bouquet of pink roses will tell your admiration, grace, gladness, gentleness, joy and sweetness you share in your bonding.

pink roses

  • Magenta Roses indicates how you appreciate your love for being with you. A relationship needs appreciation to make it everlasting. Make your love stay by your side ever by appreciating each effort your she puts to make the relationship stronger by giving here magenta roses.


  • If you have fallen in love at first sight and can’t express it, a bunch of purple roses will do the job for you. The love at first sight, is magical and such precious feeling are worth celebrating. Purple roses can offer a daily reminder of your love and show your eagerness to take your relationship to a step ahead. 

purple roses

Let’s Make It Grand

They say ‘the first impression is the last impression’.  So make the first day of the love week a memorable one so that your dear one can cherish it for a lifetime.  But the thing to think about is how can we make a rose day a special one? Let’s us help you with some super romantic ideas to make your rose day an exceptional one.

Roses, Roses Everywhere

roses everywhere

Yes! It must be roses and roses everywhere. Just one rose can never be enough to express what you actually feel about your partner. Let’s make the house full of roses. Roses should be everywhere from living room to bedroom. The smell of roses must linger longer in your room as well as in your memories.

Rose Colour Dresses for Her, Not Just One

The lady entering a home decorated with loads of roses must be dressed accordingly. Make her happier with dresses of rose colour. You love is your inspiration, your best friend and you must appreciate their presence in your life. To express your feeling towards her why not present dresses in all colours of roses? A package of dresses of all rose colours will make her even happier.

A Rose Ring

rose ring

Dresses come with a less time span to use. Sometimes they get out of trend and some other times they may be out of size. Whatever it may be, if you want to make our memories tangible for longer, let it be a platinum ring of rose shape. A perfect gift for a perfect life partner.

The Perfect Date

the perfect date

The house full of rose, the dress and the ring, what’s next? Definitely a date!  A romantic date or a romantic dinner will be the perfect conclusion to the rose day. Be thoughtful enough to choose the menu of that special dinner date. Let rose flavoured ice creams, doughnuts, cakes and red wine be included in the menu. Above all remember that the dinner date is to please her so she must be happy with the food you order.

Have a Gentlemen’s Gesture

After the dinner, be a gentleman to drop her home if she is not living with you. Dropping her home will create everlasting respect for you. So don’t miss the last but never least chance to impress her on that special night.

Don’t Let Money Stand in Way of Love!

The financing should never be a hindrance to make the day a special one. Personal Loans and lines are credits are made to help you with those extra bucks you are lacking. Plan your rose day & apply for a personal loan now so that the celebration can really become a grand one.

You Found the Perfect Love.

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