Finance Buddha has always tried to keep you all updated with the financial updates and loan offerings by different banks. Our blogs are also an attempt to help you provide money-management tips. So, at this year-end here is the glimpse of some of our blogs which you must go through. 

Common Reasons that can lead to Debt Trap & Ways to Correct it!

Getting into a debt trap is a serious issue and most of the borrowers don’t even realize that they are entering into this snare. This blog not only tells you the common reasons which can lead to a debt trap but also provides you with the corrective measures. 

How can you reduce your home loan EMI burden?

Home Loans are the financial tools that have helped millions to purchase their dream homes. The loan is offered by all the banks and comes at pocket-friendly interest rates. However, home loans are the longest tenure loans and hence need more of your financial commitment. Though the interest rate is affordable, carrying it for a long tenure can drain most of your hard-earned money. Hence, it is advised to close your home loan as soon as possible. But apart from this knowing several factors can also help you save your money and can reduce your home loan EMI. So, this blog of Finance Buddha explains how to reduce the EMI burden of your home loan both pre and post of taking the loan.

Invest in these Schemes and get Regular Income after your Retirement

Retirement generally means the end of the earning period, this is the time when people enjoy their lives by relaxing at home. But, you need a regular cash flow or a decent amount saved in your bank account to live a relaxed life. And to achieve this Building a retirement portfolio is a must. However, to get better returns, it is important to start investing early, this will help you to enjoy your life after retirement as you will be getting a decent lump sum amount / or regular income after your retirement. Here are some of the Investment Schemes which will give you regular income after your retirement.

How Much Personal Loan Can You Qualify for on your Salary?

Generally, the personal loan approval starts with a minimum salary of ₹15,000 to ₹20,000. The loan amount starts from ₹50,0000 and can go up to ₹25,00,000 depending on your borrowing and repayment capacity.

However, there is particularly no standard or any significant criteria to decide how much personal loan will be approved on your salary. The loan amount approved generally varies from lender to lender and strictly depends on the applicant’s profile. This blog explains to you how much personal loan you can qualify for on your salary.

Top Government Start-up Schemes In India

In India, the SME sector contributes over 40% of the total GDP and remains a major source of employment for most of the population. The current COVID pandemic has already crippled our economy where millions are starving for food. As a measure to bring the economy on track the government has laid importance on ongoing local, this is for any product which you buy. This will increase the demand and supply chain helping millions to get a job in local industries. Recognizing the importance of SMEs in the past, the government has started many business loan schemes which will help to boost SMEs in the country. These schemes provide funding to potential SMEs and start-ups to survive in the current situation.

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Rewinding 2020 with Our Blogs!!
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Rewinding 2020 with Our Blogs!!
Finance Buddha has always tried to keep you all updated with the financial updates. Read onto this blog to Rewinding 2020 with Our Blogs!!
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