Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day is here and the love birds are busy planning something special for their loved ones. The day is celebrated on the 14th of February across the world. The day is especially dedicated to celebrating love and romance in our lives. It all starts with the second week of February, the week itself is known as the love week, the first day starts with the rose day on 7th of Feb followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day and last with the kiss day. We have kept you updated with how to make all these days special through our blogs. And now it’s the turn of the most important one- Valentine’s Day. The day is much more important than other love days as everyone irrespective of religion and age celebrate this day with the love of their life.

This Day love bird’s gift flowers, chocolates and many other Valentine’s gifts to each other. The day is special as on this day the love birds express their feelings and emotions for each other.

Whether it is saying ‘I Love You’ to your Crush or Making your loved one feel special through unique ways. Well, the day is totally dedicated to love so why not enhance the love in your relationship.

Some take their loved ones for a romantic dinner while others may gift something expensive like jewellery, some propose their lady love for marriage while some just say I Love you. Or some may simply gift greeting cards, chocolate, and flowers.

Well, the ways may differ but the one and only thing behind all this is to show your love to your special one. 

Here are some most romantic ways to make your Valentine’s Day even more special and memorable.

Spend Quality time Together

This year Valentine’s Day is on Friday, so it’s a working day for all. To make the day special you can take off from your work and can spend quality time with your love. Make her feel special and cook for her, enjoy a romantic movie together.

Go for a Romantic Dinner date

Book tables in a romantic theme based restaurant, dedicate her some songs which reflect your feelings. And enjoy candlelight romantic drinks and dinner.

Plan a Day Out

This is for those who don’t want to celebrate the day at home. Yes, there are probably many more things to do. You can spend an entire day with your loved one exploring new places. Make a list of nearby places that are in your to visit bucket list. Go to those places and enjoy the day with her. 

Celebration at The Cruise

Cruises are the places which are considered one of the most romantic ones. So, to make your day more romantic and memorable you can Book a cruise for a day or 2 and give her a surprise.

A Houseboat to Make the Day Special

If you feel the cruise booking needs more money & time. Then you can plan a trip to Kerala or Kashmir, and book a houseboat for two days as the day is falling on weekends so you can make it much more exciting. 

Go Out for a Coffee Date

If your relationship is in the initial stage, then you can’t ask her for a weekend out, in such a situation a coffee date will be best. 

 Give her chocolates and roses to make her feel special and loved.

Surprise her With a Weekend Trip

Planning a surprise weekend trip can also be a great valentine gift. You can plan the trip for any destination which you people have not explored before. 

And see a happy side of her. 🙂

Write a Valentine Love Note

Through your letter tell them how much you love them, the things they do, the way they love and care for you. Tell them you love each and every side of them. Write what you have never said before. Keep the letter beside their pillow at night and be ready to see the reaction next morning.

Give her a Pet (Dog)

Most of the girls have a love for pets especially for dogs, so if your lady is one among them, give her a puppy. Trust me, it will be the best gift ever, she will get a companion, a guard, and a friend. Moreover, she will start loving you even more.


Well, a valentine’s day is not complete without a gift. So follow the customs and gift her something which can be with her for long. I am sure till valentine’s day you will be done with gifting roses, chocolates, and teddies, so it’s the time for some expensive gifts to make her feel even more special. It can be a diamond pendant or a ring. Hope this blog will help you to make your Valentine’s Day special from all previous ones. The day is special and an extra effort from you can ignite the spark in your love relationship. However, if you are not able to do this because of the money shortage, our instant personal loans can help you with it. Don’t let money spoil your happiness, apply for online personal loan and enjoy the benefits.

Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day
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Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day
Whether it is saying 'I Love You' to your Crush or Making your loved one feel special through unique ways. Valentine's day is totally dedicated to love. So let's enhance the love in our relationship this valentine.
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