Weddings in India has ever been a grand affair. To make a marriage happen as per the pre-plan, it needs the involvement of family and friends. It needs a lot of preparations to make the function go according to the plan. Marriages are the special moments of a person’s life and everyone dreams to have a fairytale-like wedding at some point in our lives. Though the things look very fine on the marriage day, to make those special things happen you will need a really good amount of money and of course a lot of pre-plan.

Whenever we make a budget for marriage, we calculate the expenses according to the needs. Some of the biggest expenses of a marriage are the grand venue, lavish food, expensive gifts, hefty tents, eye-catching lights and decoration and so on. The list of expenses is never ending for marriages.

Even if we try our best to list out the expenses and make a budget accordingly, such scenarios are never new when some unexpected expenses arise during marriage. Such unexpected wedding costs make us stand in a fix. These are such situations where you cannot wait a long time to get the loan amount.

To fight such financial emergencies, a personal loan is considered as the best way out. Personal loans come with a feature of instant disbursal which makes it a perfect partner to overcome urgent monetary needs.

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Here are Some Unexpected Wedding Costs

Sending Invitations

This cost of a marriage is a real unexpected cost and it is certain that no one keeps a budget for sending invitations. The invitation cards are heavier and bulkier than a simple letter which we send on normal days. Additionally, there will be many in number. So if you are sending invitation letters through the postal system, the postage charge will be a quite big one.  

The Last-Minute Attendees

 Ideally, we should get the guest list in advance and we prepare our arrangements accordingly. But the real marriages are far away from the ideal ones. Most of the times, we find a few guests who are the last moment marriage attendees. Because of such persons, our whole budget can be spoilt and we may face a shortage of available funds.

Paying Tip

This is another cost which goes overlooked many a time. If you have to give tip to only one person that won’t make any change. But if a tip is needed to be given to multiple persons, it will be a big amount when the amount will be summed up. In a marriage, you may need to give a tip to the caterer, the makeup artist, the valet, the room service etc. which altogether can make a hole in your pocket.

Service Tax and GST

The taxes are like hidden costs that grow bigger while when added together. Almost all the expenses of marriage come under the luxury items which attracts the highest tax slab which is of 28%. The tax pays an important role to make marriages expensive in India.

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Transport for Guests

 Marriages are such occasions in India where the guests are treated with extraordinarily. Picking up and dropping your guests to and from the airport or railway station is a common tradition. In some uncommon situations, you may need to bear the entire travelling expenses of your guests. Such are the expenses which were never planned and if it occurs you will surely be in a need of financial help.

Overtime Penalties 

When you book a marriage venue or a caterer you book them for a certain period of time. But sometimes we may not complete all the rituals within that fixed time which can make us pay penalties for the overtime. Such overtime penalties are very common in Indian marriages.

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All those unexpected wedding costs can come to any one of us either it may be our own marriage or our close relative’s marriage. There may be many more such reasons which will make you face the urgent need of money. Whenever we plan a budget for marriage, we must keep some extra money so that if any of the above situations arise we can use that extra amount. But many a time, our extra money is not enough to bear the expense. In those situations, a personal loan becomes the only saviour. A pre-approved personal loan for marriage is the best way to come out of such difficulties.  A pre-approved personal loan online is much faster and easier than personal loans. If you are pre-approved for online loans, you will receive the loan amount just within a few hours. Before opting a loan check your monthly EMI breakups with personal loan EMI calculator. so that the need for money can be fulfilled without any delay.