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India is known for its wedding culture, whether it be the Ambani’s wedding which attracted the media of the entire world or a wedding in a middle-class family, these days wedding ceremonies in India are considered as their status symbol. Hence, they cost a lot. Expenses on catering, gifts, clothes, jewellery are existing from long in society, but now people have started spending on pre-wedding photoshoots, bachelor parties, wedding themes and lastly on a lavish destination honeymoon. 

Together all this adds a lot of financial burden on families and could easily cost between ₹10 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs. However, all these expenses are not necessary but people do spend it either due to social pressure or willingness. Fulfilling all these is not possible for everyone and draining your savings is not the right thing.   

Here is how an online Personal Loan can help you finance your dream wedding.

Personal Loans Online for your Dream Wedding

Online personal loans are unsecured loans provided by banks or NBFCs to fund your personal needs. The loan is approved based on your credit history, and repayment capacity. One can easily apply for a personal loan online through the online portal of the lender. A Personal Loan can help you tackle all your planned and unplanned expenses that you may encounter in your wedding.
Let us now discuss, how a personal loan can help you finance your marriage-

Can help you book the venue for the marriage.
Provides you fund to buy gifts.
Arrange catering and can finance your holiday, and many more.

Benefits of Availing a Personal Loan for the wedding 

You Don’t Need to Liquidate Your Investments

You would have perfectly arranged your kids’ wedding, yet you will need extra funds due to some of the other expenses arising suddenly at that time to cover your surplus wedding costs. In such circumstances, there’s no option left for you other than borrowing from friends/family or liquidating your assets. Opting for a personal loan can skip such a situation and provides funds to encounter all your wedding expenses flawlessly. 

Instant Funding 

With Finance Buddha Personal Loans funds are available within hours. The loan can be applied online through an easy application process. And, hence it needs minimum time to get processed and disbursed into your account, which is just 2 hours. The process requires minimal documentation which is again a completely online process.

Funds Available to cover any wedding-related Expenses

The best thing about wedding loans/personal loans is you can use the funds to cover any kind of expense related to your wedding. You can use the funds available to pay off for the venue, decorations, outfits, and even for the honeymoon.

Flexible Tenure and Competitive Interest Rates

Personal Wedding Loans come at an affordable rate of interest that one can easily avail. The loan amount ranges up to a loan of up to ₹50lakhs, which is more than sufficient to cover all your wedding expenses. Moving ahead, the loan has a flexible tenure which ranges from 1 to 5 years and can be repaid in EMI like any other loan. This makes it convenient for the borrowers to repay the loan without taking the burden. 

Facilities you get with Finance Buddha Instant personal loans

  • Get Instant eApproval.
  • 100% Online Process.
  • No Physical Documents Required.
  • Loan Disbursal in 2 Hours..
  • Lowest Interest Rates starting @10.5%.
  • Avail Personal Loan from ₹50,000 to ₹5,000,000.
  • Tenure From 12 to 60 Months.
  • Custom Loan Offers to Employees of Top Companies.

How to Apply for a Personal loan online for a Wedding?

Applying for a personal loan online for a wedding is simple at Finance Buddha, it has only 3 steps which includes-

Go to
Fill the application form correctly.
Upload the documents required.

And, you are all set-to finance your children’s dream wedding, your children always deserve the best which you can provide and fund their dream wedding is one among them. So, set your budget and apply for Finance Buddha Wedding Loan Today!

Personal Loan: Fund your Dream Wedding without Draining your Savings
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Personal Loan: Fund your Dream Wedding without Draining your Savings
Is your children's wedding date is around the corner and you are still struggling to fund it, availing a personal loan might just be what you need.
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Finance Buddha
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