What is a Travel Insurance?

A Travel Insurance is an insurance policy to cover your medical expenses, flight accident, lost luggage and trip cancellation which may occur during a trip or while traveling.  Travel insurances are generally booked at the time of booking to cover your entire trip. Multi trip policies are also available which covers your multiple trips but it has certain framework according to which it works.  The cost on which you get multiple travel insurance is obviously higher than a single travel insurance.

Types of Coverages Provided by Travel Insurances

  1. Medical treatment during the trip
  2. Cancellation and trip interruption ( this is valid only when there is a valid reason such as death, injury or illness of near and dear ones, when the traveler is called as a witness by court, in case when travelling to that particular place is prohibited by government. This happens also in case of death or serious illness of any family members.
  3. Traveller’s health insurance
  4. Accidental Death and injury
  5. Trip interruption
  6. Lost and stolen baggage’s and travel related documents
  7. Hijacking

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Is It Important to have an Insurance while Travelling?

Yes, it is very important to have a travel insurance while you travel. When one is on an adventure trip and go for treks around scenic locations, everyone wants not to be worried about the medical expenditure. Life is totally unpredictable and accidents can happen any time, any place. As always said prevention is better than cure, So it’s best to insure yourself for uncertainties and have travel insurance while travelling. I am saying this on the basis of many people experience where they said that having a travel insurance helped them a lot. In case of any theft or stolen baggage you get the equivalent amount.

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Key Benefits of Travel Insurance Plans

  • Travel Insurance plans offer compensation for flight delays, trip delays and many more when individuals make long trips abroad.
  • Medical expenses such as medical treatments, hospitalization and hotel accommodation in case of medical emergencies are also included in a travel insurance plan.
  • The expenses for a trip termination is also compensated through travel insurance plans.
  • Customers can also get customized plans based on the destination they are travelling to. The premium amount of the insurance varies as per the destination.
  • Policyholders of a travel insurance can also get cover for their personal liabilities, accidental death, travel delays, legal expenses, dental treatments, repatriation and emergency reunion and many more.
  • The insurance company provide 24/7 customer service support to policyholders.
  • Policyholders are provided with assistance for loss of documents, accidents, etc.

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For What Duration a Travel Insurance Should be Taken?

Always plan your visa and insurance in advance. In this way, one can get the insurance to cover for the entire duration of their trip. Some of the countries may need you to get an insurance for a longer time. Hence, check for your visa requirements carefully. You will have to provide your travel dates to the insurance company, and in case there is an extension in the stay, inform your insurer before your policy expires. This avoids the additional costs. Be smart about your planning.

Travel Insurance

How to Get a Travel Insurance?

Now a days getting a travel insurance is very easy and simple process. Many airline companies provide option to get a travel insurance at the time of booking ticket. You just need to click on that option and pay a bit more than your ticket which seems to be a negligible amount. Apart from this many travel insurances by banks such as SBI travel insurance, HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance and ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance are also available which provide travel insurance which you can opt for online.