Shahrukh Khan is an Indian film actor and a producer who is well known all over the world. LA Times titled him as “The World’s Biggest Movie-Star”, and Newsweek named him among one of the top fifty powerful and influential people. SRK’s net worth is $750 million dollars in 2018 which is INR 5,100 Crore in Indian currency. SRK’s popularity makes him the first choice as a brand ambassador and he endorses many brands. Media calls him “Brand SRK” because of his endorsements and entrepreneur ventures. His annual income is $42 million USD which is INR 256 Crore. The span of SRK’s popularity can be estimated with the fact that he has been made the brand ambassador of Dubai Tourism. Dubai needs no introduction in any part of the world, and SRK was made ambassador to promote tourism in Dubai. In many countries around the world, people know India only for SRK, as the home country of SRK. SRK has massive following even in non-hindi and non-English countries like Germany, France, China and Russia. He may be well known for his Bollywood presence and loved for his charm and humour, but in addition to all these, he has a great presence business mind which helped him to grow and rise.

Shahrukh had a very humble beginning which started from theatre in the Theatre Action Group under Barry John. SRK then moved on television shows during late 80s. Shahrukh got his first break with the movie Deewana, however Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. By the time SRK’s first movie released, he had already lost his parents and had a sister to take care of. Known as the “Baadshah of Bollywood” and “King Khan”, SRK had almost nothing to start with.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh’s wealth does not come from just the income through movies. SRK owns a production house, Red Chillies Entertainment, jointly with his wife Gauri Khan. He also owns a VFX studio, Red Chillies VFX, which is amongst the best in the world. Red Chillies VFX is not restricted just to the SRK’s movies but does VFX for other movies as well. SRK with Juhi Chawla, his long-time friend, also owns an IPL Team, Kolkata Knight Riders, which has the highest brand value amongst all the IPL Teams. SRK also owns a franchise cricket team in the CPL of Spain. In 2015, Red Chillies Entertainment, purchased stake in the Red Steel now known as Trinbago Knight Riders. SRK is also the best host in the country, and is the first choice of the organisers for the stage shows like the award shows. Shah Rukh Khan also has shares in the Kidzania India. Shah Rukh Khan is not just a Bollywood actor and producer but a true business tycoon who knows how to make money from his every move.

Shahrukh Khan’s life journey has inspired millions of lives across the globe not just India and is worth taking lessons from. With his consistent hard work, marketing and business acumen, he is made it so big that there would be no one capable of competing with him for a very long time. Even at the age of 52, SRK shows no signs of slowing down, let alone stopping.

Money Lessons to Learn from Shah Rukh Khan

  • Be Rich.

Money is a good thing to run after. It is very important to be financially stable but you have to keep your wrong and rights in mind. Don’t shy away from earning but without selling your soul.

Be Rich

  • Don’t be a Philosopher before you get rich.

Money is very important to lead a happy life. If not for yourself earn for the well-being of your family and your loved ones. Shahrukh lost his father at a very young age because he did not have enough money to buy the medicines and treatment. Now he works day and night to earn enough so that his family would never have to go through finance crunch. You may choose to be a philanthropist, but be one after you have earned enough for yourself and your family.

  • Money is extremely important, earn it when you can.

A person’s life and health does not remains constant throughout the lifetime. Nor do the opportunities remain open forever. Hence, earn money at every chance you get, while your body and your life are in your support. Not everyone is Shahrukh Khan. Not everyone is physically and mentally capable of working day and night even at the age of 52.

Money is extremely important, earn it when you can.

  • Take risks while you are young.

When you are young, you have lesser responsibilities. This is the time when one can bravely face failures, learn from their mistakes and still have enough of life to recover. Once you are married, have family you cannot and should not take risks in life. If you are the only breadwinner in your family, your risks, should they fail, will make the life of your family members very miserable.

Take risks while you are young.

  • Have a diversified portfolio.

Shahrukh is not dependent on just the income from movies. He has invested everywhere he could to develop multiple sources of income. With his continued passionate and dedicated hard work, he has created a financial ecosystem for himself that he is no longer dependent on just the income from movies. Production house, VFX studio, cricket team to brand endorsements he has done it all. Shahrukh Khan is one of the few producers who reimburse their distributors should the movie flop at the box office.

Have a diversified portfolio.

  • Don’t spend on things which would not do any good to anyone.

“You can wage futile wars and put guns in the hands of children, or you can use that money to fill their stomachs”.

It takes lots of hard work to earn money. You may use that money to spend on something useless (a personal loan for an iPhone X) or you may use it to create alternate sources of income for yourself through different smart investments, just in case you are not into philanthropy. If you believing in sharing your riches with those not fortunate enough, you may do so, still it would be better than spending on a obnoxiously expensive phone or gadget.

Don’t spend on things which would not do any good to anyone.

  • No Job is Small.

According to Shahrukh Khan no job is small. If one is good at writing, he/she can start with content writing to earn his/her living rather than trying to become a novelist and screenplay writer in beginning. He himself started his career with a small budgeted television serial Fauji although his dream was to become a big superstar and rule the entire Bollywood. But in the starting of his career he gave preference to just start and earn..NO Role was small for him.

No Job is Small.

  • Your work should stand taller than you, no matter what your height is.

Your work should feel proud that it has been done by you.

Shahrukh Khan advises everyone to be best at whatever they do. One should always attempt any work in such a way that no one has attempted before or would attempt ever. It does not have to be a very big responsibility, but there should be a will to do even simplest of the things in the best possible way. It should not matter how big or how small your responsibilities are at work, what should matter that you do it with all the honesty and in the best way in which it can be done.   

Your work should stand taller than you, no matter what your height is.

  • Conviction is what you need, not a degree to be successful.

Having a management degree is not explicitly needed for being successful in the business world. You just need to have the conviction.

This is very important teaching coming from the business tycoon himself, who studied Mass Communication as his major. Shahrukh Khan does not have any marketing or business degree from IIM, Yale or Harvard, yet these prestigious institutions call him to give lectures on business to the already brightest minds on Earth. Shahrukh never needed any degree to achieve anything in life. His continued hard work, dedication, devotion and passion towards his work has made him the global superstar he is today.

Conviction is what you need, not a degree to be successful.

  • Have Long-term Investments.

Shah Rukh Khan did not become the King of Bollywood overnight. His continued hard work has made him the global superstar he is today. Once he had money, he invested it in different channels which would fetch him money over the years to come. Be it a production house, or a VFX Studio or an IPL Team, all his investments are into the channels which would bring him money even if he should stop working as an actor today.

Have Long-term Investments.

Shahrukh Khan is not just an actor to learn acting from. His entire life, hard work, dedication to work and the proper utilization of his wealth are the qualities which everyone should look up to and learn from. Over the years, Shahrukh has not inspired us with just his acting, his real life has lot more to inspire us and learn from.