The love week is coming to an end with the Kiss day which is the 7th day of the love week. The love week started on 7th February with the Rose day. Each day after the rose day we have celebrated the existence of love in our life with proposes, promises, chocolates, and teddies and so on. Here we have come to the last phase of the love week, the Kiss day. The day when the love among the lovebirds will be sealed for the lifetime.

Kisses are Special, So is the Day

The Kiss day is celebrated on 13th February every year, just a day left for the grand celebration of Valentine’s Day. So the love in the hearts and ideas in mind to make the day special are in abundance in the minds of each couple. Kisses are indeed so special that many poets and writers have penned down the experience and described this feeling in the most romantic ways. With the Valentine’s Day around the corner, let’s do our bit to make the memories of this day linger in our minds for years to come.

kiss day special

Why Kisses are So Special

If love has newly stepped in your life, you must be wondering why kisses are so important. Well, kisses not only make the emotional bond stronger, but it also has many health benefits too. A gentle kiss can really make miracles. Scientists believe that kisses release happy hormones, relieves stress, reduces anxiety, soothe headaches, boost your immune system and so on. Above all, kisses reflect honesty, intimacy and the integrity of the relationship. So kiss day is worthy of celebrating by every means. Let’s enjoy the final call to all lovers by beating the drum high on the last day of love week #kissday.

kiss day specials

Simple Acts, Great Impacts

When you love someone with honesty and trust, you can kiss them on any day or any time. But there are times when we are to add new colours and hue to our kisses which make on any usual day. Kiss day is such a day which gives you a chance to make the kisses get touchier. Here is how to turn an ordinary kiss to an angle’s kiss

Take Her to Long Drive

A long drive can be a really great way to spend some exclusive time together. You can book a luxury car for a day if you don’t yet own it. A long drive on highways or low traffic places is really fun. The fresh air and the beauty of the new place are sure to add a new taste to your love life.

long drive

Fly High

This can be a really innovative way to make the kiss day special. You can book a hot air balloon trip for both of you. To make the feeling even more exciting special, you can book the trip exclusively for both of you. Generally, one hot air balloon trip is shared by 6 to 8 people, but when it comes to celebrating the kiss day, you better opt to book it only for two of you.

balloon trip

Gifts to Make the Feelings Tangible

A kiss is a feeling, it’s abstract. Let’s make the feelings of kiss day linger longer in the minds of both of you by adding gifts to the celebration of the kiss day. You can give gifts like lip shape cushion, kiss printed mugs, Lips Teddy Soft Toy, Personalized Cushion, Personalized Valentine Heart Shaped pendants, kiss-shaped necklaces, flowers, cakes and so on.

Kiss day gifts

Go for Weekend Getaways

Starting for weekend getaways on kiss day will give you enough time to spend together. A two days trip with your beloved one can give you chance to celebrate both the kiss and Valentine’s Day together as the following day itself is the valentine’s day. So make the plans bigger and plan for 3 days and 2 nights trip to a romantic place with your loved one.


Kiss the Pain Away

Well, kisses are mended to keep the pain away but the expense to celebrate the day can pinch you if you are not prepared well in advance. It needs a quite good amount of money to make the day a successful one. You must be a smart guy if you have planned your finances in advance. But I must say you are smarter if you can still manage to get the fund to celebrate the day at the fullest. Take smart moves and apply for a personal loan now so that you don’t miss the chance to make this kiss day as the best kiss day of her life.