Traveling is a part of our lives – whether it be due to a personal reason or a professional one. Traveling can be the need of the time in many cases which can be due to an emergency or can be an urge to explore and travel to new places. Time has changed and now, traveling and exploring different destinations has become a fashion.

When it comes to traveling, nowadays one more thing has been associated with it, and that is a Travel Insurance. Many of us till now are not aware of what is it exactly? How it can help you? or Is it a necessity to have a travel insurance when you are traveling? In this article, we will try to clear all your doubts about a travel insurance and make you understand it in a better way.

All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

What is a Travel Insurance?

Uncertainties can occur at any time in life and one should be prepared for them. There are unexpected situations that could arise prior to your trip or during your trip. A travel insurance is the one which covers your trip. Getting your money back. Travel insurance even provides you with your money back in case your trips become cancelled due to many circumstances. When the airline cancels its flight or even when the traveller becomes ill and is unable to travel, a travel insurance plan ensures you for the refunds, coverage for accidents, injuries, and hospital visits while you are away from home. There are even more benefits where travel insurance can help you during your vacation. The benefits depend on the plan you chose or avail. Some of them are-

  • Medical Travel Evacuation Insurance

This is a coverage for transporting you to a major hospital for treatment in case of any medical issue or emergency.

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance

This travel insurance coverage provides you refund for unexpected interruptions in your travel plans and cancellations of your travel bookings.

  • Baggage/Property Insurance

This travel insurance covers you against all the theft and damage to your baggage while traveling.

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Is Travel Insurance that Important?

It’s an obvious YES! One should always be secure from their side to an extent to which it is possible. Having a travel insurance provides you a cover while you are traveling or when you are on your vacation.

Some of you may think that why it is important and what can happen during traveling or on tour?

The reason is life is totally uncertain and there are changes that everything may not go according to your planning. Whether you think it or not misfortunes may happen. There are many examples in front of us where travel insurance has proved to be helpful. Suppose you have planned a vacation with your family and unfortunately one of your family members falls sick and is unable to travel. In that case, if you have all your flight and hotels booking done, it can be a big loss to you. Having a travel insurance can provide you refund against your bookings. In case you lost your baggage while traveling a travel insurance can provide you with your claimed amount against your baggage. The most important thing is if some medical issue happens during your traveling a travel insurance will provide you with all your medical expenses.

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And in the worst case, what if your flight crashes? Or your bus or train meets with an accident?  A travel insurance provides you cover against all these mishaps. You just need to select your insurance wisely.

So, now onwards when you make a plan to travel don’t forget to have a travel insurance first. Remember a travel insurance makes your tour a worry-free experience. You may think that you don’t require but it has a more positive side to it with no negative points. Travel insurance is not a waste of money. Instead, it provides an extra layer of security to you and your family.