None of us minds making extra coins! Whether self-employed or a salaried individual we all work hard to earn money and achieve success in our lives. But, the urge to earn extra is always there, and if it is without making much effort, who would mind making some extra money. 

However, there are several ways to raise income, but some need less time and effort, while others need complete attention and dedication. Well, in this blog we will be discussing those ideas which don’t need much of your effort or time to create extra wealth for you. 

Start a YouTube Channel

This is an ongoing trend which can give you lots of money in very little time. You can start your YouTube channel pursuing any of your hobbies like gardening, craft making, cooking etc. Make your videos interactive and once you get a good number of followers, your money-making journey is set. You can endorse brands and through advertisements on your videos, you can earn a huge amount of money. Doing all this will not require much time and the money earned will be on top of your fixed monthly income. 

Sell your old stuff

This may not sound a realistic and money-making idea to many, but trust me you can earn a decent amount of money by selling your old stuff. Be it an old chair which is not in use now or an old laptop which has been replaced by a new one because of the technology update.

There are different portals to sell your old products, but try selling your product on one which is offering more money. However, before you post your ads you need to compare different websites and their genuineness. 

Earn Money from Your Savings

If you are able to save some money, your saved money can work for you and give you more money. This sounds a bit weird but is completely true. This can be achieved by keeping your money in a savings account or using your saved money for making investments. Regular savings account in India offers you an interest rate of 7-8% annually and if you have a fixed deposit for your saved money, you can even earn more. Doing this is worth inflammation as well, this is because what you are saving now will be much more than that after 10 years. 

So, for that reason, you should always try to keep as much of your spare money as possible in a savings or fixed deposit account with the highest interest. If not you can open an RD account and put your saved amount in that monthly. 

Use Credit Cards

Credits cards charge a huge interest rate, this everyone knows. But do you know – using credit cards can earn you money? Yes, you read it right. Using credit cards can also earn you money when used appropriately. This can be achieved by – selecting a credit card that suits your requirement. For example- if you are a frequent shopper then you should go with a credit card that offers maximum benefit on shopping or selecting a travel or lifestyle credit card if you travel frequently. Using your credit cards provides you with different offers, rewards and even cash backs. So, try using your credit cards, pay the bill on time, and avail of the benefits. 

Become a Reviewer 

Whenever you encounter/use a new product, be it a new face cream or an electronic item you can give a genuine review about it. You can place your review on online platforms such as YouTube or any other form when you can earn money. Once you start making money you can even buy things intentionally and review them for the other customers. This will probably not help you earn money in the beginning but once you get a good base you are set to earn in the future. Moreover doing this doesn’t require much time and can prove a side income for you.  

These are simple personal finance tips that can provide you with a second source of income or help you earn above your salary.

How you can Make Money above your Salary!!
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How you can Make Money above your Salary!!
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