Valentine’s day is such a day which is celebrated around the globe. On this day we celebrate the priceless feeling called ‘Love’. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. This is the time of the year, which is ever special for the lovebirds. The stores are flooded with gifts, cards, cakes, chocolates etc. to give to our loved ones on this special day. No matter how much you love your partner deep in your heart, there are times when you are to express it out. Valentine’s Day is the time to impress your loved ones once again and melt their hearts with the warmth of love.

Looking Behind at the History of Valentine’s Day

The celebration of Valentine’s Day was started to give honour to the Christian saint Valentine who belongs to Rome state. He was accused and sent to jail by the Roman Empire for arranging marriages for soldiers. Saint Valentine was kept in jail for a long time when he fell in love with the daughter of the jailor officer. Inspired by the story of this saint, the 14th of February is celebrated as the day of love and named as Valentine’s day which is related to the name of the saint.

History of Valentine's Day

The symbols of valentine days are hearts of pink and red colour and the pictures Cupid icon. The cupid is the icon which has bow and arrow and symbolises winning of love. The couples give gifts and make each other feel special on this day to celebrate their love for each other.

A Week-Long Celebration of Love

A Week-Long Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day is not just a one-day celebration. The celebration starts one week ahead of Valentine’s Day. The time from when the celebration starts to Valentine’s Day is called the love week. Here is a glance at love week

    • It starts with Rose Day on 7th February
    • Then comes Propose Day on 8th February
    • Celebrates Chocolate Day on 9th February
    • Then the  Teddy Day on 10th February
    • Promise day on 11th February
    • Hug day on 12th February
      • Kiss day on 13th February


    • And here comes the Valentine Day on 14th February

It’s Time to Make It Grand

You may have celebrated this day in many previous years with all your hearts. This time let’s think something new, something which you have never done for your valentine. It is time to make the D day celebration which is great enough to make your neighbours get envy on your relationship. Every year you must have celebrated it with the teddy bears, red roses, romantic gifts, lovely music and candlelight dinner and so on. This time why not gift her the best valentine’s day ever. Here are some heart throbbing ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

 Time to Make It Grand

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Overseas

A gift of a foreign holiday can be one of the most exciting gifts you can ever give to your valentine. The tour can be a short one but if you can make it happen, your loved one will ever remember this Valentine’s Day celebration.

foreign holiday

Celebration at the Cruise

Cruises are the places which are considered one of the most romantic places. You can book a short duration cruise of 2 to 3 days to celebrate the Valentine day at the heart of the ocean.

romantic places

Celebration at the Houseboat

If you feel that the foreign trip or cruise booking needs more time to plan, you can book a houseboat for two days which is easily available in India. Spending exclusive time with your loved ones in the serenity of the river can make the love between the couples get stronger. You can make the decorations of the houseboat personalise and arrange for surprise gifts, cakes, wine etc. to add excitement to your relationship.

house boat

Get Adventurous

The adventure is such a feeling which makes the bond stronger in any relationship. Being in love is a special feeling and when we overcome fear while being hand in hand with your loved ones, the love between you both is certain to get stronger. You can opt for paragliding, bungee jumping, kayaking, glacier climbing etc to overcome the fear and win the love of your partner which will last for the lifetime.


Love: The Priceless Gift

True love is priceless. Those who are the luckiest who have found their loved ones by their side. So if you are among those who are blessed with love, let it be celebrated. Make the day grand and express your love once again to your loved ones. When love is true, let no one stop you to celebrate it, not even the lack of fund. Leaving the shortage of fund behind is as easy as cooking noodles as you can apply for a personal loan in two minutes and get the amount within the day. So get a personal loan and live Valentine’s Day at its best.