Though 2020 has not been a great year. However, we can celebrate festivals with our loved ones and still cheer it up. And with the coming festive season, all we need is to usher in some much-needed positivity. So, why not start preparing for it as we used to do before. You might think you have been going through a lot, be it your pay cut, salary deduction or your job loss, but do you think it will be a good idea to hamper the happiness of your loved ones at the cost of money? Obviously no, your earning is having the satisfaction that your family is happy and healthy. 

So, let’s start and move one step ahead with hacks for this festive season.    

  1. With e-shopping becoming all the new normal, aimed COVID-19 pandemic, you can start your shopping. Make a list of all your purchases for the festival and start looking for them online. Doing this not only keeps you safe as you are avoiding physical exposure but can also help you get better deals. 
  2. Before you shortlist any product it’s important to compare it on different e-commerce portals. Doing this will help you get the best product at affordable pricing. Secondly, you can also get offers and cashback which can make your purchase even cheaper.
  3. Have a Credit Card! If you are among those who don’t have a credit card till now, it’s time for you to have one. Having a Credit Card ends up eating all your money- it’s the most common myth persisting in the Indian middle-class society. But do you know, it’s not true at all. Using a credit card now a day can save you a lot of money. This is because nowadays most of the credit card providers offer you several benefits, this includes cashback, reward points, and attractive offers. Apart from all these benefits credit cards also come with an interest-free period within which you can make the payment without any interest charges. However, to avail of these benefits, you need to try it. Additionally using a credit card will help you to make the purchase this festive season without getting stressed about money.  
  4. Check your Credit Score. Checking your credit score helps you know where you stand financially. Such as having a good Credit score opens you the door to get good offers on credit cards and loans. But having a low CIBIL makes you aware of the situation and indicates you need to work on your credit utilization and repayments. Knowing that you have a good CIBIL will also help you to negotiate with a lender. Besides all this, a good CIBIL is just another reason to be happy this festive season. 
  5. Stay Updated With The Festive Sale Offers! Every festive season e-commerce websites come-up with special offers. Keeping an eye on these offers will help you close the best deal and save much of your money. 
  6. Get an Instant Loan! To maintain liquidity of funds among the common masses RBI has cut the interest rate for several loans including the Personal Loans, so if you are out of cash and if you don’t want cash crunches to spoil your festivals probably it is the time to apply for a personal loan. You can apply for an instant personal loan which gives you funds within hours or you can also go for a pre-approved personal loan (in case you are pre-approved).

The festive season is about to arrive and all you need to do is be prepared to welcome it wholeheartedly. But in all the preparations what we ignore is the financial planning for it, so if you want to celebrate the 2020 festive season with full joy, you have to plan your finances accordingly without getting stressed. 

Hacks for This Festive Season!!
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Hacks for This Festive Season!!
Though 2020 has not been a great year, we can celebrate festivals with our loved ones and still cheer it up. Read onto this Finance Buddha blog, to know the Hacks for This Festive Season!!
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