Teddy Day 2020

Love is in the air, as the valentine’s week is going on in full swing. Today is 10th Feb which is the 4th day of the love week. The day is celebrated as Teddy Day where live birds give teddy to the love of their life.

Teddy Bears are always a symbol of love & affection, apart from these teddies are an all-time favourite of girls. You would rarely meet a girl who will say she doesn’t like teddies. So, it will be true to say that a valentine’s week is really incomplete without gifting a teddy to your Queen. 

Gifting teddy is not only a sweet gesture, but a cute Teddy Bear is always a good way to show your love towards her.

Significance & Reason

A teddy bear is something that can be easily found in a girl’s room. Here are the Reason & significance of gifting teddy:

Teddy is always Cute

No one can deny the fact that Teddy bears are adorable and cute. And hence, what would be better than gifting such an adorable gift to your girl. 

Reminds her that she is still a child to him 

Childhood is always the most awesome & innocent part of our life. If possible no one would like to grow old and take the responsibilities. Giving a teddy to her shows your love and reminds her that she can still be a child and enjoy life and you are there to take care of her.

Teddies are the best way to Cuddle

Teddies are the best way to sleep better, as teddies are a great bedtime companion. She can hold it and fall asleep remembering you. 🙂

A Perfect friend to share Things

A Teddy can be her perfect friend to share things that she can’t tell anyone. And a companion to shade her loneliness when she is alone. 

How to Make this Day Even More Special

Gifting teddy is a way to so her your love but it’s your responsibility to make the day even more special for her. So, here are some ways that can help in making the day extra special.

Take her for Shopping-

Shopping is yet another thing that 99% of girls love. So, to make her happy take her shopping, get her the dresses which she selects.

Gifting shopping coupons for Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart can also make her happy.

Give her Chocolates

Though you celebrated chocolate day yesterday, still as we said in our last blog Little Chocolates Never Hurt. Chocolates are such things that she can’t refuse. So, gift her chocolates along with a cute teddy.

Fashion Jewelleries 

Gold and platinum are not something with which she can’t have many options in her wardrobe. And fashion jewellery is big yes these days when it comes to trend and collection purposes. So, this valentine lets give her something different and buy her fashion jewellery.

Movie & a Dinner date

Movies are something which you can enjoy watching together all the time. So, why not go for a night show of the latest release followed by a romantic dinner date. 

Well, your loved ones always deserve the best, so, let’s give her all the happiness and make her day special this chocolate day.