Everyone needs money for their survival in this world and it may happen that, the particular amount of money which you need at a particular time is not with you at that time. In case of urgent situations one had only limited options like borrowing from our friends and family or a loan against some collateral like gold or house. A conventional personal loan would normally take a minimum of 3 days. But now with growing time the options to fight these situations has also increased. Now there are many Banks, NBFCS and DSAs to help you out by providing loans for different purposes and for different purposes like home loans for home construction, renovation, purchasing, business loan for businesses, personal loan for your personal requirements and many more.

Personal loan among the loans is considered as the best, as a personal loan is an unsecured loan in which neither collateral nor any kind of security is required against your loan. The other advantage of having a personal loan is that you don’t need to submit any document showing the purpose of need as in other loans. So you can say that a personal loan is a multipurpose in nature it can be used according to wish and your needs.

Personal Loan Application

The personal loan has now come up with the biggest feature of e-Approval with digital lending. This feature has cut down the previous tradition of loan where you have to go to banks first and then there you had to fill 2 – 3 pages of the application form and submit a number of documents, to be followed by verification. Even this was not enough after that people had to keep visiting banks for the follow-ups and updates. But with e-approval your personal loan application will be approved within a very short time, within 2 hours of applying, in a hassle free and smooth manner without visiting any place even for a single time.

This feature of personal loan makes this loan best for any kind emergency where money is required urgently like for – medical emergencies, for urgent travel, for repaying some debt urgently and even for bearing wedding expenses and for many more things like these. All these situations need money immediately and personal loan with e- approval is best for this.

Now Get Immediate Cash for Emergencies

Why should You go for Instant Personal Loan with Finance Buddha?

We at Finance Buddha, understand your needs and the importance of time as well. There are many emergency conditions for which people come to us with hope. So we have come with the personal loan with e-approval to help you out in your emergency.

The features offered by finance Buddha for a personal loan are:

    • No Physical Documentation: Finance Buddha offers your personal loan with no physical documentation. Only a few documents are required as documents for the age proof of the applicant, for the address proof and for the income proof. That too with an ease of online submitting. You have to only submit the scanned copies of these documents on the Finance Buddha portal.
    • Quick Processing: With Finance Buddha your personal loan will be approved within 2 hours as it offers you e-approval. If everything went right and you are eligible for the loan then within 2 hours you will get the approval message.
    • Executives to Help You: When you apply for Insta Loan with Finance Buddha our executives are always there to help you and guide you. So whenever you have any doubts or questions regarding your loan application you can call our executives and get all the answers that you want.
    • Fast Disbursal within 24 hours: as mentioned above the personal loan approval with us takes only 2 hours and within 24 hours of approval, the loan amount will be disbursed to your account.
    • Competitive Interest Rates: Comparatively lower interest rates, as well as lower processing fees and charges- the interest rate with finance Buddha for an instant personal loan, varies from 16% to 24% which depends on many conditions such as your loan amount, tenor, and your income. The processing fees and charges are comparatively which is only 2% of your loan amount and there are no other hidden charges for this.
    • No Collateral Required: No collateral is required for availing a personal loan with instant approval through Finance Buddha. What matters most to us that the applicant should be creditworthy.
    • A Secure Platform for Borrowing: Finance Buddha respects and understands your privacy. Hence your details are never shared with anyone. We also understand the importance of the details that you provide to us. To safeguard all our customer information, all transactions that happen on our website happen through a secure server, which is tough to break.

Go Green: Paperless Personal Loans are Here!

Insta Loan Process: How it is Done

online personal loan apply

The 5 simple steps are:

  • Online apply for a personal loan.
  • Get advice on your best offer.
  • Complete the documentation required.
  • eSigning of Loan Agreement.
  • Loan Disbursal.

So, all that it takes is just these 5 quick and simple steps to avail an urgent personal loan with Finance Buddha. Finance Buddha’s Insta Loan is the quickest, effective and simple process for both the lender and borrower, so much so that your personal loan is now just a few clicks and 24 hours away!