The Halloween 2018 is just a few days away we have prepared ourselves to scare others and to get scared. During the Halloween, people believe that the walls between worlds become thin and spirits could pass through into our realm. All those past years we must have been frightening others with scary costumes or telling ghost stories. The tales of evil spirits, black magic and witches are now old school tales. This Halloween night let’s scare people with the financial horror stories which are much more frightening than any other ways to scare people.  

So put the curtains down, turn the lights off, light a candle and get ready to be scared….

The Haunted Outings

This is the story of Arman, who is young, earning and a fun-loving single guy. Because of his such personality, he had a quite big circle of friends. Hanging out with friends was one of his best-enjoyed activities. As the days passed, his friends’ zone increased so as his outings. He started having outings almost every weekend. The outing was not the only thing which he used to do. Arman started going to pubs and restaurants three to four days a week. Needless to say that such activities gave Arman lots of fun but those were always heavy on the pocket. He started running out of money. But now he was in the spell of black magic which is called an addiction to the lifestyle and he started depending on credit cards. Within a few months, he realized that his debts are much more than normal and he was unable to pay off even the utility bills. The calls, letter, messages, and e-mails of collection agents still give him uncountable sleepless nights.

The Haunted Outings

 The Evil Spirit Within You

The next story is of Rajiv, who earns well and understands the value of savings. The only habit which made his finances become horrible is overlooking the bill payments. Rajiv is such a guy who loves to see a really huge number in his bank account balance. It always gave him a pain if he needs to withdraw any money from his bank account. While trying to keep the money stagnant in his bank account for a longer period, he used to pay all his utility bills, credit card bills, loan EMIs on the last day. While delaying his payments, once it happened that he missed paying his credit card bill as well keeping sufficient amount in the bank account from which the loan EMI had to be debited. His EMI defaulted and he missed his credit card payment. For a person like Rajiv who counts every penny, paying penalty for loan and a high-interest on credit card payment both was not less than a jaw-dropping horror for him. Rajiv had to encounter those weird sensations only because of the evil spirit within him which made him delay the payments.

Money Management skill

And It Wore Your Skin!

Alex was not new to internet banking. He was a regular user of credit card and debit cards. Most of his purchases were done using the plastic money. Alex was even much disciplined in paying the credit card bills. To chill his spines, one particular month his credit card bill generated almost Rs.80,000. Alex was pretty sure that his has not spent that amount. He understood the fact that a demon is eyeing on him. He needed an escape from the evil. Alex rushed to reach the credit card provider. The credit card was disabled but by that time all the damage was done.

Alex tried to find out the loophole by which he became a victim of the grey side of the online transactions. Many a time he was careless enough to use public wi-fi zones for making transactions. The other financial mistake which he made was providing his card details to all the website without checking the authentication.

financial horror stories

The Lesson to be Learnt

There are such many financial horror stories that will give you goosebumps even in daylight. Unless you want to turn your finances to a Demogorgon in the coming days, you are to manage your money smartly.