An embrace or a hug is a gesture that speaks a thousand words in deep silence. Hugs are really special. Let’s make it even more memorable by celebrating the 6th day of the love week as Hug Day. The hug day is celebrated worldwide on 12th February which is one of the special days of love week. A hug can immediately establish a close relationship between two individuals. Many a time a tight hug and minutes of silence can really do wonder which words can never do. So let the love in hearts get expressed with hugs that are gentle but warm.

A Closer Look to Hug Day

The hug day is the second last day of the valentine week. Just two more days and the love week will come to an end. The promises you make yesterday on the promised day are still fresh in the minds of the lovebirds. So, let’s start to keep our promises with hugs that are tight and fuzzy.

hug day

Fantastic Ideas to Make Your Hug Day a Special One

Hug Her at High

This hug day, let’s make it memorable by giving her a hug of love in a special place. Places make memories last longer and more special. You can plan a special hug day celebration by arranging a dinner at high-end restaurants where a rooftop cafe is available. The skyscrapers from where the city lights seem to be a galaxy of stars give the best ever ambience to celebrate the hug day with your beloved one.

Hug Her at High

A Hug at the Seashore

The sunset at the seashore is one of the best times when our minds are filled with calmness and hearts are filled with love for our dear ones. This hug day, why not pass those beautiful feelings to your loved ones with a hug that gives assurance of being secured and being loved throughout the years to come. You can take a drive or take a flight to the place where you can enjoy a beach. The hugs will become much more special when you can feel the sea touching your feet and know that the veil of starts is covering you both.

A Hug at the Seashore-

Take Her Shopping

This idea may seem to be a simple one, the never a less effective one. Girls are always shopaholic and love shopping at any day and at any time. Taking your loved one for shopping is one of the best and most impressive ways to make her happy on hug day.

Take Her Shopping

Treat Her with Coffee

They say ‘a lot can happen over coffee‘ and it is true. The talks over coffee can really give good vibes. You can take her for a coffee with special arrangements such as booking the table in advance, personalise the table by decorating it with the flowers she likes or making the cafe play her favourite music and so on.


Romantic Candle-Light Dinner

The candlelight dinners are always are believed to be the most romantic way to end a romantic day. Take her to places where special candlelight dinners are arranged for couples.  If you google it you will find such restaurants within the city who arrange special dinner arrangements like poolside dinner, dinners in a tent, at the beach, in the park and so on.

A perfect dinner must be ended with exotic sweet dishes like imported ice creams or chocolate. So don’t miss to order her favourite sweet dish. Along with everything else, be responsible enough to drop her home if she is not staying with you.

Romantic Candle-Light Dinner

Making Your Hug Day Embrace a New Phase

Hugs are special, so should be the celebration of the hug day. Turning an ordinary day to a special day needs a lot of effort and preplan. It’s time to plan the things you want to do on that special day and make a budget too so that your plans don’t go fail at the last moment. If your plans are high and the budget is low, you can always take personal financing options as a way to get instant financial help. Let a special day like hug day not become an ordinary day just because you are lacking funds. Make it special, make it memorable for many years to come. You can always apply for a personal loan online or line of credit to get an instant loan to celebrate the hug day with your loved ones.