If you are an entrepreneur who is searching for financial support for your business, then you must be aware of the fact that the traditional bank loans are not the only source of availing a business loan. The trending way of availing a business loan is through digital banking.

Digital banking is the new way of borrowing a business loan. Availing a fast business loan has become much simpler, easier and faster than before with digital banking. The hassles and cumbersome process of availing a business loan have become the things of past. The progressive digital growth in the lending industry has spelled its magic all around and business loans are turning more and more digital with every passing day.

The Growth of Digital Lending Market in India

The budding entrepreneurs who live with an ever scarcity of time, a digital banking is the perfect financing solution for them. In the initial stage of your business, waiting for a long time to get your business loan disbursed can be a destructive factor for your business. In order to avail a fast business loan, most of the young entrepreneurs of present-day opt for digital banking. The fast loan approval is not the only advantage that you enjoy with digital baking. There are many other advantages of going digital for your business loan.

 Why Should You Choose Digital Banking for Your Business Loan

The Flexibility

The centre of attraction of an online business loan is the flexibility. If you opt for a business loan in traditional banks you will get only one kind of business loan which gives the lump sum amount at once. But an online business loan has more flexibility in terms of loan disbursal as well as repayment. Moreover, the loan size of an online loan depends on the need of the loan applicant. It can be of a small amount like Rs. 50,000 or a very high amount depending on the need and the eligibility.

The Online Access

An online business loan provides you with an access to your online credit account. While going digital in borrowing, it is the right of every borrower to get an access to his loan account. An online business lender facilitates the borrowers to have an access to his loan account so that each and every piece of information regarding the loan can be accessed at any time.

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The Faster Processing

The most appealing feature of digital banking is being fast in processing. You can avail an instant business loan while applied online. One doesn’t need to wait for weeks or months to get the loan amount in the bank. It just takes a few days to get an online business loan approval. When you own an SME, getting a delay in loan disbursal can be hazardous to your business.

Revenue-Based Loan

Entrepreneurs can enjoy the facilities like Revenue-based loans while you apply for a small business loan online. A revenue-based loan is slightly different from conventional business loans in terms of repayment. In a revenue-based loan, you don’t need to pay a fixed amount in loan repayment. The loan repayment amount will be a particular percentage of the revenue for that month. So such loans will not make a financial pressure on the borrower.


The cost of digital borrowing is similar to the traditional bank loans but where it gets a difference is the cost of searching the best lender. If you apply for a business loan through online portals, you will get an option to research for lenders online. Online research can save a great amount of time and money. You can also check your monthly EMI with online business loan EMI calculator.

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Easy Approval

Getting approval of a business loan from a traditional bank is a challenging task. If your business is a start-up business or the time which you are in the market is not so long, the loan approval gets more challenging. A digital business loan is the best way to avail financial support for the businesses when your business is at the budding stage. Moreover, one can still avail an online business loan even if his credit score is less than 750. In such scenarios, the interest rate may a slightly higher than the others but the availability is near to certain.

Sometimes some online business loans may be a little costlier than a conventional business loan. But the advantages which you can get are beyond the measures in terms of money. The speed, convenience, and their willingness to lend to higher risk borrowers make a digital business loan a practical solution for many startup businesses.