Childhood is that part of life which is like clay, you can shape it the way you want. And Education is the best way to shape it.  

As soon as a little one arrives in your life, you get so much involved in taking care of them. Meeting even smaller to the smaller need of your tiny ones is a big responsibility. And as the parents, it is our nature to want the very best for our child – be it the best schooling or the best opportunities in life.

Education is one such thing on which entire life of your child depends on.

                 Education is the Key to Unlock the Golden door Of Freedom!!

                                      – George Washington Carver

Even though every parent wants the best education for their children, the costs are a major concern. It may happen that the best school in your city costs much and can be beyond your pocket. The same can be true about the graduation college, maybe your child has a dream to be graduate from a foreign university and he qualifies for that too. What if you don’t have enough money to fund his/her education at that point of time. This can destroy the entire career of your loved one. These are several milestones which you have to cross to shape your child’s future, and planning for their education in the best possible way is the one among them.

Follow these Steps to Plan your Child’s Education and Future:

1. Set the target dates.

2. Find the current cost of education.

3. Find and set the target amount for yourself.

4. Estimate the return that you can get.

5. Calculate your monthly contribution.

Steps to Achieve  Your Goal

Buy a Health Insurance Policy

Why not start before their arrival!  Buy a health insurance policy with maternity benefit. Nowadays there are several health insurance policies which come along with the maternity benefit. Expenses at hospitals and regular check-ups during pregnancy are scaling day-by-day. Adding this benefit to your health insurance can save a lot of money. The amount saved can be used for your child’s future and education.  

Start a Baby Fund

Create a baby fund, and start saving in it on a monthly basis. This will help you to manage all the expenses such as vaccinations and other medical check-ups related to your newborn. The contribution towards the baby fund has to be increased by an appropriate amount as per the increase in the age of the child. This will help you to fund your child’s schooling and other tuition classes for co- curricular activities such as dance, painting, etc.

As your income increases over the years, so should the contribution amount increase with time. This will ensure that you are ready to meet these expenses for the better education of your child. By the time your child is about to enter the college, the fee structure will be definitely much higher from now. So, to be prepared you have to save and invest accordingly.

Choose the Right Savings & Investment Channel

You have to choose an instrument so that all your requirements are met when the time comes. Once you have calculated the estimated cost for your child’s education, you should choose the right plan to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the top savings and investment channels for maximum returns on investment.

  1. Mutual Funds: There are several mutual fund schemes which are ideal to start with as they can be started with a minimum amount. SIP with mutual gives you better returns in the long term and can help you to get better returns. Opt for a mutual fund scheme which offers you maximum returns and whichever involves minimum risk. Also, try to opt for a tax-saving scheme.
  2. ULIPs: Child Ulips are a great way to stock for your child’s education. Through Ulips you can save a lump sum money at the desired age of your child. Opt for a plan that has the feature to doubles the total amount of premiums paid and give you a return as a lump sum at the time of maturity. This can help a lot to peruse the dreams of your children.
  3. Term Insurance: Moreover, don’t forget to cover any unfortunate incident through adequate life insurance coverage or preferably through a term insurance plan. This will help you meet your child’s needs even when you are not there or when you meet with some permanent physical disability and you are not able to work.
  4. PPF for Your Child:  Investing for your child’s needs in a PPF (public provident fund) account on his/her name is also an option to meet their educational needs. PPF is a 15-year scheme which can be opted from a post office or any bank, this enables you to create tax-free savings for your kid’s future.

As this is 15 years plan, you should start it as early as possible, so that you can get the money along with the returns while the time your kid’s start college or goes for higher education. You can also withdraw partially any time after the sixth year from this account. One more benefit with this plan is that when your child becomes adult they can also contribute to the same account.

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.


Your child’s education is much important and you cannot let money come in between your child’s future & in pursuing their dreams. Every child is unique and it’s absolutely ok to have different and unique dreams. Always be supportive to them and always be ready from your side whether it be with funds or just be motivational support. Save sufficiently so that nothing stops your child to pursue his/her dreams and be successful in the future!!