The love week is continuing on its full swing. We have arrived at the third day of the love week, The Chocolate Day. The day is called the chocolate day as people give chocolates to their loved ones on this special day.  Giving chocolate to our loved ones is done almost all 365 days of the year. But presenting chocolates on the chocolate day which falls on the 9th day of February makes the chocolate giving much special than any other days.

Looking Back at the History

The chocolate day is one of the special days of the love week, Valentine’s week. The celebration of Valentine’s week was started in western culture but presently the week of love is celebrated globally by people of all ages. Although the chocolate day is one of the days of the love week, one does not necessarily have to celebrate it with your valentine. One can definitely celebrate the day with friends or family as well. Chocolate day is not just about giving chocolates to your loved ones, it is all about bringing chocolate like sweetness to the relationship.

chocolate day history

The Chocolate Day 2019

Giving chocolate or eating chocolate has many benefits. The first and foremost benefit is making your loved one feeling pampered. This special day is celebrated every year with lots of enthusiasm, especially by youngsters. On this special day, everyone becomes indulge in buying and gifting chocolate to their most loved ones. The chocolate day gives a romantic reason to make your tongue satisfy with the nice and tasty chocolates.

Eating chocolate is ever appreciated by the world, all for good reasons. Chocolate releases pain-reducing endorphins into our brains. Eating chocolate gives us the ‘feel good’ effects. The benefits of chocolate include the presence of antioxidants which is good for heart health and boosts immunity. So let us not hold back the craving for chocolates and make the day a real exciting one for ourselves and our loved ones.   

chocolate day 2019

The Best Chocolates in India


The Cadbury is the brand which is the most selling chocolate brand of India. This is a British multinational confectionery company which sells chocolates of multiple variants in the market. The different variants of Cadbury chocolates available are-

Dairy Milk, Silk, Bournville, 5-Star, Eclairs, Nutties, Perk, Toblerone etc.



Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company which produces many other food items along with tasty chocolates of various kinds. In India, 8 factories of Nestle can be found. Some of their bestselling chocolates from Nestle include MilkyBar, KitKat, Bar-One, Aero, Munch, Aero, Smarties etc.



Amul is one of the biggest confectioners which has started functioning since 1948. Amul entered the Indian market with dairy products and now it has spread its wings to confectionary items like chocolates too. Some of the best-selling chocolates produced by Amul are Amul Mystic Mocha, Amul Fruit n Nut, Single Origin Dark Chocolate etc.

amul chocolates


Ferrero is an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products which is very famous in the Indian market as well. Ferrero is the third biggest chocolate producer and Confectionery Company in the world and the first company to export premium chocolates in India.

ferrero chocolates


Mars is an American company known for the confectionery items which they sell worldwide. This company entered Indian Market with the bar named ‘Snickers’. Because of the high-calorie content, this bar is taken as snacks here. Here are the other chocolates produced by this company – Galaxy, Snickers, Bounty, Mars, M&Ms etc.


Let’s Make the Day Special

The chocolate day does not only celebrate the mouth-watering taste of chocolate, but it is also a day to make your loved ones happy with giving them chocolates. As this day is the chocolate day, let’s not give chocolates to your loved ones how you give her on any other day.  Here we have brought some trendy ways to make this day sweeter.

    • Gift her a chocolate spa, chocolate facial
    • Watch chocolate related movies such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolat, Forrest Gump, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial etc.
    • You can take your girl to the amusement places, dance club, restaurant, hotel, chocolate party etc. to celebrate this day in your own way.
    • Send her a box of assorted chocolates with gifts to make her feel special.
    • Give her a chocolate coloured dress (brown) dress.
    • Visit a chocolate factory or chocolate kitchen if possible.
    • Gift her wine which can be enjoyed with a bite of chocolate.
    • Take her to a long drive with a box of assorted chocolate that can be munched during the drive.
    • Buy special passes to those places which arrange chocolate day celebration by providing special food items exclusively made by chocolate, decorations related to chocolate day etc.

Dinner Time

The Better Side of Yours

Chocolates are loved by people in all corners of the world. Eating chocolate relieves stress and lifts our mood. Chocolate may be is the tastiest stress buster available to us. Chocolates are also good for health if taken at the right quantity and right time. But the same ethics may not be applicable for all. There are people who have allergies with chocolate. In such cases, it is better to avoid chocolate even if it is the chocolate day. Moreover, if you really don’t want to miss the chance to make an impression on the chocolate day, take care of the flavours of chocolate your partner likes. Making arrangement according to her taste will make her feel good. Once the celebration is over, don’t miss to drop her home as such are the gestures of a true man.


Sometimes the Sweetness of the Chocolate is not So Sweet

Confused?  Yes! The taste of chocolate may seem to be tasteless if you are facing cash crunches and unable to celebrate this day as you ever dreamt of. To turn an ordinary day to an especial day, you need a lot of planning as well a quite big amount of money. If you are to think twice before executing your plans because of lack of money, you can always take help of personal loans and lines of credit. Both of these financial tools can help you to get the required fund within no time and you can celebrate your day as you always wanted to.