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Personal Line of Credit

Looking for more flexibility on your personal loan? Say YES to Personal Line of Credit!

A Personal Line of Credit is a digitized credit instrument which is more flexible than a personal loan. The lender pools the borrowed amount at once and the user can withdraw as per the requirement.

Opt for it when the requirement is for a short term or the exact amount needed is uncertain. This digitized credit is one of the fastest credit facility. Owning a line of credit gives you freedom from applying for a personal loan again and again.

A personal line of credit is similar to a credit card but only cheaper. You pay interest only on the amount used, not on the total sanctioned amount. But, the interest rate of a line of credit is much lower than that on credit cards. This makes it a better option for cash crunches.

‘Knowledge is Power’. We present to you a number of great articles to help you know and understand this product better. The articles on Line of Credit are certain to clear all your queries about this credit product.

Keep reading and enhance your knowledge of Personal Line of Credit through our blogs!

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