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Secured Vs Unsecured Loans: Which one is a Better Option for You?

Secured Vs Unsecured Loans? Read onto this Finance Buddha blog to know Which one is a Better Option for You?

Personal Loan Prepayments: Should you go for it or not?

Personal Loan pre-payments & part-payments are a great way to reduce your financial burden. However, whether to pre-pay the loan or not is always the decision of the borrower, which he/she should take after thinking all possible aspects.

Loans that Can give you Tax Benefits

Loans! It’s a simple word but many of us are scared of it but dont worry in today’s Finance Buddha blog we have listed all the loans that come with tax benefits.

Should you get a Top-up Loan or a Fresh Loan?

Should you get a Top-up Loan or a Fresh Loan? is the question many are asking today, In this Finance Buddha blog we have explained the difference between Top-up Loan & Fresh Loan.

Gold Loan Demand Increases amid Coronavirus Crisis

In this Finance Buddha blog, we have mentioned the factors which lead to an increase in demand for Gold Loan amidst this COVID – 19 crisis, for more detailed information, Visit Now.

Should you become a Loan Guarantor?

While being a loan guarantor you may be helping a friend or relative but do you know any default by the primary borrower can land you in serious trouble and you may need to repay the outstanding amount.

All you Need to Know About Commercial Property Loan

Commercial property loan is different in many ways than getting a loan to purchase residential property. In this Finance Buddha blog, you’ll learn everything about Commercial Property Loan.

Should One Go For Top-Up Loans?

A top-up loan, as the name recommends, is benefited to the borrower well beyond the existing loan. A top-loan is generally offered over the personal loan and home loan. These loans are quite convenient to opt for as the borrower has an existing relationship with the lender.

India can’t Count on Retail Loans from Banks to Lead COVID-19 Recovery

RBI has permitted banks to grant a 3 months moratorium period to the customers for their ongoing loan installments. RBI said these steps have been taken to maintain the liquidity of money in the economy and masses as well.

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