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Balance Transfer & Top-up

Transfer Home Loan Balance like a Pro!

Home Loan Balance Transfer or refinancing of a home loan mean the same. Once can use this facility to pay off an existing using another home loan availed from another bank.

Balance transfer will switch the home loan to a lower interest rate. And all that you require to do, is to apply for a balance transfer with a new bank.

Going forward, all loan repayments will be settled with the new lender. As a result, your old home loan account is closed.

Balance Transfer will help you to repay your home loan at a cheaper rate and in lower EMIs. Thus, you can save considerable amount of money, every month!

Home Loan Top-up is the process of availing additional funding on the existing home loan account. Therefore, you can compare it to availing a personal loan but at home loan rates.

Here, we bring together all the resources that will help you with the balance transfer and top-ups.

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