Women today are striding into almost every sector with their entrepreneurial abilities. We have always seen women with great management skills and many other hidden talents. When supported and encouraged they can even lead a business.

Owning a business not only helps to boost a woman’s self-esteem but also develops a sense of self-belief. Besides this, she can also contribute to the family’s income and become financially independent. Achieving financial independence is not only a state that brings a sense of achievement but also helps women get status and respect in the family and society. 

However, starting a business sounds very daunting to most of the women. The capital requirement, business idea, support from the family, market response are some of the major concerns to the majority of the women who want to start their own business. Surely these are the common and right concerns and one needs to make up her mind and be passionate towards her dreams.

Here we have presented some of the key business ideas for women which requires less capital and can yield high profit.

Make-up Artist and Stylist: With soaring demand for people to always look good, opting for this profession will always be in demand. All you need is to do is attend a certified training online or in-person. After your certification, you can set up a small studio of yours. You can also gain a good number of customers by posting your works on social media. All this requires a very less amount of money which you can earn back only in a few months.

Freelance Writer: If you are good at writing and can impressively express things through your writing skills, you should definitely try this. You can even join an office and enhance your skills in it by being a full-time digital content writer or you can also take freelancing projects and make your career in it. So here you have both the options either you can choose to work from home or you can work in an office. Online blogging, guest blogging is something that you can also try within starting. 

Opening a Boutique: If you are good at tailoring skills and have a decent fashion sense you can start your own boutique. You can start this business even from home. You can start by working for your family and friends, especially those who live in the neighbourhood. After gaining some popularity you can take a good place in the market or your boutique and take your business to the next level from there.

This is quite profitable as you can start with very low investment.

Opening a Cafe: Cafes are a great hit these days. Students, youngsters find cafes as a great place to hang out with friends. They spend hours here reading, chatting, gossiping, playing board games, etc. So it can be really a good idea to give it a try. You can start in a small place and only one or two staff. Keep only limited dishes such as Maggie, coffee, puffs, tea, samosa, and few juices. Try to give some attractive and cosy look to the place to attract the crowd.   

Event/Wedding Planner: Weddings never leave style. Regardless of whether the economy is blasting or experiencing a downturn, there is consistently a business opportunity for weddings. To place things in context, the Indian wedding market was assessed to be around ₹33,000 crores in the year 2017 and it is developing at a pace of 20 per cent every year. This presents a tremendous open door for wedding organizers who can guarantee wedding subjects, organizers, decorators, food providers set up and faultlessly design and compose the whole wedding function. You just need to be good at managing skills, decoration ideas, and knowledge about the rituals as it will help you to plan better for it. Introductory capital to pay for staff, coordinators and rest you can adjust when the client’s payments.  

Food Catering Business: Who doesn’t enjoy good homemade food? But due to certain circumstances like earning, jobs, and education one is bound to leave their home and settle down in different cities. Home-cooked food is something which bachelors, students are always looking for. So seeing the demand in your area you can start with food catering and tiffin business. You can use your kitchen as your workplace and start from there, after getting a good response to your customers and gathering a good amount of money you can extend your business and go for a bigger kitchen and higher staff as well. A food catering business is never out of demand. As occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, always require catering services. 

YouTube channel: Start your own youtube channel, and upload videos presenting the skills you are good at. For example – Cooking, Gardening, Painting, Product review, travel documentary etc. It takes some time but once you start gaining subscribers and followers on your channel you can monetize your videos.

A consultant HR: Doing this doesn’t require any venture capital, you can start up just by using your contacts and by collaborating with a few small companies. Know their requirements in terms of staff be it an It professional or sales staff. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Times job, Monster, Indeed, Naukri etc. to shortlist some candidates, schedule the interview and you are done. But here you need good communication skills and you also need to be convincing. 

While these ideas don’t require significant venture to fire up, if you believe you need more capital, you shouldn’t stress. There are certain government schemes and special loan offers to encourage small scale entrepreneurship among women.

Business Ideas for Women with Lower Capital Requirement
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Business Ideas for Women with Lower Capital Requirement
Owning a business not only helps to boost a woman’s self-esteem but also develops a sense of self-belief. In this Finance Buddha blog, you'll learn business Idea for Women with Lower Capital Requirement.
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