Christmas Celebrations in India 

India is a multicultural country, with a mixture of religion, culture and yes festivals of course! Here festivals are not just a celebration but it’s a reason for joy and happiness which keeps people held together with a bond of love & affinity.

Some of the popular festivals celebrated in India are Diwali, Holi, and Eid, but along with these festivals, Christmas is also celebrated with lots of joy and happiness.  

India is home to a considerable number of Christians, who celebrate Christmas along with the rest of the country. However, these days Christmas is not restricted to Christians only, and people all over the country have started celebrating it irrespective of their religion. 

Bright Colour & Lights of Christmas 

In India local stores, markets, offices, and malls are draped in twinkling fairy lights, paper lanterns, and beautiful decorations. 

Indians always celebrate festivals with lights and colours, and Christmas is no exception, it is celebrated in a similar way how it is celebrated in other Christian countries. People go to Church to offer prayer and to see the beautiful decoration created by stunning light which looks spectacular at night.

Christmas Party 

Earlier people used to visit friends and relatives’ houses to wish each other and celebrate Christmas together. But, nowadays the trend has changed and people invite friends and relatives to their house for the Christmas party.

Depending on the number of the people you invite, you have to plan in advance for kids and adults separately so that your guests can enjoy and be comfortable at your party. You can include games at your party to make it more enjoyable for the guests. Dinner is a must which can be accomplished with wine drinks. Planning for a sleepover for the kids will make it more comfortable.

Santa & the Gifts

For kids, Christmas is all about Santa and Gifts.

So, if you want to make this Christmas more memorable, get ready like Santa and give gifts to your kids and loved ones. Doing this will not only bring a smile on the face of your little ones but also they will have a belief in God and tradition as well. 


From my childhood, the only thing which made me excited about Christmas was the curiosity to see Santa and to eat the homemade cake. Though Christmas is mostly celebrated by Christmas, cake is something which people want to have that day irrespective of their religion. A cake is something that symbolizes Christmas as it is the birthday of Jesus Christ. So, bake a cake for your kids and have it together to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. 

Christmas Vacation

Christmas comes at the year-end when we are ready to say goodbye to the current year and ready to welcome the New Year. This might sound cliché, I know. But the truth is at the year-end most of us have leaves in hand, children have their winter vacations and on top of it, there is Christmas and New Years’ leave. So, what extra you need to go on vacation with your family. Some people have even planned for it for a long time. You might need some extra funds for that, but don’t worry our travel loans have got you covered.

Places like Shimla, Auli, Manali, Nainital, etc are full of snow at this time of year, and it will be great to go there if you want to get the feel of winters. 

And if you are willing to relax on the beaches and have a complete Christmas feel, then Goa is best for you.

You can have wine, beer and see the crowd celebrating and enjoying Christmas there.

At the end, Christmas is a time for family & friends with lots of love and food of course. The festival brings tradition, love, and happiness altogether in our lives making December the most joyous season of the year!