Most of us try to save money in everything we do and everything we purchase. But there are those travels plans which might need some extra efforts to save money. It is not very difficult to save or earn some good amount of money while travelling. For this all you need to do is plan your travel well in advance and make use of these hacks to earn or save to the maximum. Saving money is a skill, right from booking your flight or bus tickets until returning back home, there is opportunity to save money in every transaction.

The time that you spend to save money is definitely worth it. The very first step to your travel plan is to find the right credit card that serves your purposes. If you are one among those who loves to travel and if you are sure to travel at least 3-6 months once, then it is good to explore travel cards. There are many banks out there which are ready to offer travel cards (credit cards) which will earn additional reward points plus high percentage of discounts and offers on travel tickets, accommodation and so on.

Money Saving Hacks that Everybody Should Know

There are mainly 4 areas in which you can save money while travelling. Planning, organizing and acting smartly at these 4 phases will help you to save nearly 15-20% of your travel expenses. The 4 phases where you can save money in a travel are:

  1. While booking tickets: Make use of online facilities to uncover offers on flight bookings. Do a search on flight or bus tickets few months before travel and sign up for newsletters. They will send flash sales emails, promotional offers and discounts; based on these you can book tickets. However, before booking tickets go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. There may be options available to cancel the ticket with full refund facility. Also check for offers and apply any promo codes that you may have for booking tickets via cards or net banking.
  1. When you plan a road trip: Have your road map ready. Go through the checkpoints and also look for areas where petrol charges are low. Fill your petrol tank enough using cards and earn reward points. Collected reward points can be used to fill petrol as well. Another important thing is carry emergency kit and medicines. If unwell, getting medicines on-time will avoid visits to doctor while you travel. If you don’t own a vehicle, rent it in advance, avoid travel insurance in circumstances when it is unnecessary, ask for best prices and discounts when you hire vehicle. Spend time to go through the road map and look out for available eateries options. Store water and some quick bites, this will help in avoiding unnecessary expenses. 
  1. Once you arrive at the destination: Make sure accommodations are offering basic facilities. Use WiFi to make calls and for chatting with family and friends. This will help in avoiding roaming charges on your phone. Don’t’ miss to take complimentary breakfast that is available in most of the hotels and resorts. Ask for free or complimentary transfers to and fro airports. If you have plans of taking local transport to commute, look out for day pass or city pass. Avoid unnecessary expenses in restaurants by taking water bottles that comes with a cost. Go through tourism websites to find free activities available in the location. These even include walking tours, visit to museum and historic or famous places.
  1. Carry Hard Cash: Depending on which part of the world you are travelling, decide how much money should be carried. Though using credit cards may sound very convenient, be mindful that these will attract high currency conversion charges. Convert currency before you start with your travel. And in case if you wish to book concert or show tickets do it through VPN. Depending on where you book tickets from, the charges may vary. VPN- Virtual Private Network will help you to look like you are booking from a different country.

Getting out of Vacation Debt Hangover

Apart from these, here are various other simple tricks to save money while you enjoy your travel holiday:

  • Some countries offer tax refund on retail therapy. Collect bills and submit them at airport before departure and earn refund.
  • Upto 50% discount can be expected if you choose to travel during off-season
  • If you are a student, carry ID cards as many tourist places offer student discount on entry fees
  • Shop alcohol from duty free shops instead of spending on drinks at restaurants
  • If you are unsure of what to do with your credit card reward points, simply use them to the fullest during travels
  • Do travel shopping at online website and save a lot of money and time
  • Decide dates of travel based on flight tickets and accommodation availability. The more flexible you are with your travel dates, charges will go down
  • Most of the airline websites will drop cookies in your browser and based on these, the charges will be increased, thus use incognito or clear cache after use
  • Book flight tickets for round trips to save a pretty decent amount
  • Make use of international SIM cards for calls and messages, else the mobile bill will be a nightmare after your travel
  • Manage and neatly pack your baggage to avoid additional baggage charges. Carry clothes only that are necessary. Don’t start your journey by paying fine for baggage.

How to make Holidays more Fun with Online Loans

Travelling is an incredible experience and will be cherished for a lifetime. Not many get opportunity to explore new places thus make the most use of it with less unnecessary expenses. Do remember money always has a say on what you can do and cannot do. Value every penny and save it as much as possible. At the same time, don’t be stringent that you forget to enjoy your travel. Make memories, capture pictures, explore places, try adventures, be sportive and love what you are doing.