Availing a personal loan has become an easy affair nowadays but choosing the right financing partner for your personal loan is getting more and more complexed day by day. One needs to choose the best lender among hundreds of lenders. Every lender will come up with different benefits and offers which leave a potential lender with a lot of confusion.

If you are one of among those confused potential borrowers, you can rely on Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans. This lender is one of the renowned personal loan lenders whom you can trust upon. Bajaj Finsrev provides personal loans of different verities which makes it fit for all your needs. Let’s learn some more on Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans.


A personal loan from Bajaj Fiserv is a multipurpose and unsecured loan. A personal loan from Bajaj Finserv does not require any collateral or guarantor to avail the loan. If you meet the eligibility criteria and your documents are flawless, you will easily get approval on the loan application. The repayment tenure of this personal loan ranges from 12 months to 60 months. You can opt for any length of tenure according to your convenience.

Features and Benefits

Pay up to 45% Lower EMI

Bajaj Finserv offers a unique feature which is called Flexi Personal Loan. A flexible personal loan minimises your instalment by up to 45% with interest-only EMIs. A flexi loan makes a borrower lend money as often as required without additional documents.

Minimal Documentation

This lender requires just a few basic documents to make the loan sanctioned. You get an option to send the soft copies of the required document which saves a lot of time and effort of the lender.

Quick Turn Around

If you are in an urgent need of money, a personal loan from Bajaj Finance is the lender who can provide you with fast cash. You can get the loan amount in your bank account within 24 hours of applying for the same.

Flexible Loan Tenure

The loan tenure of a Bajaj Finance personal ranges from 12 months to 60 months. One can choose any length of the loan tenure according to the convenience. Before opting a personal loan check your monthly EMI breakups with online personal loan EMI calculator. The flexibility in loan tenure makes the repayment better for the borrower.

Pre-approved Loans

One can get a pre-approved personal loan which is faster and smoother in disbursal than a regular personal loan from Bajaj Finserv. An existing customer can get this facility by providing basic documents and sharing OTP.

Collateral-free Loan

Bajaj Finserv provides personal loans without any collateral. One does not need to take worry about pledging any collateral.

Online Account

Bajaj Finserv personal loans are online loans. The lender provides an online account which gives you all the information about your loan at any time. With the help of an online loan account, you can manage your loan EMIs, check your statement of account (SOA), find your repayment schedule, access the loan terms and conditions or prepay your loan anytime, anywhere.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria one has to meet are

  • Age– The applicant must be aged between 23 and 57 years
  • Nationality– Only Indian citizens are eligible for the loan.
  • Employment– The applicant must be working with MNC, public or private company.

Documents Required

The documents one needs furnish to get a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv are as follows-

  • Passport-size photographs
  • KYC documents – PAN, Aadhaar, Driving license, Voter’s ID, Passport
  • Bank account statements for three months
  • Salary slip of the previous 2 months

More on Bajaj Finserv Personal loan

Bajaj Finserv personal loan provides you with all the benefits one expects from a personal loan. The interest rate starts from 12.99% onwards and the rate one has to pay depends on the factors like repayment history, FOIR etc. The processing fee is up to 3.99% of the principal amount.  

How to Apply for Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

Along with all other benefits, this lender has made the application process much simpler and easier. One can apply for a personal loan at Bajaj Finserv in four simple steps. You need to fill the online form and provide your personal, financial, and employment details. In the next step, you are to mention the loan amount and tenure. You will get an instant approval after which you need to submit the documents. Your loan will be disbursed to your preferred bank account within 24 hours.