Kiss Day 2020   

Valentine’s week is about to end and the most awaited valentine’s day is knocking the doors, but in between there is one more day that holds a lot of significance, yes you are right! It’s Kiss Day. The day is very special as a kiss is always important to seal your love. It reflects your honesty in the relationship and can create beautiful memories.

Well, the day is not only about a kiss, but it is to make your partner feel special by showing them your love.  

Why is it special?

A sweet kiss on the forehead of your loved one can give them a feeling of not being alone, it’s a sign of love which nothing can replace. 

At times, when things are not going well, a kiss and a hug from the special one can make you feel alive! It can motivate you and gives you the courage to stand again and fight with the odds of society.  

With this sweet gesture, you can let your loved one know that you are always there for them, it shows how much you love them without saying a word. However, there is no special day to kiss your love, but why not to celebrate the love in the air this valentine’s week. Life is short and we should add as much happiness as possible in it. So, love, let love, be loved and create beautiful memories. 

Well, this Cadbury Dairy milk song explains it all- 

Kiss Me…

Close your eyes

Miss me…

Close your eyes.

Kiss me…

I can read your lips

on your fingertips

and happiness in your eyes

Kiss me…

Valentine’s week starts with giving roses to show your love for the special one of your life. Then the second day is to propose to them and say how much you love them, then comes the chocolate day to eat some sweets and enjoy happiness. Followed by these three days, comes the teddy day, promise day and hug day. The Kiss day is the second last day of the love week which is celebrated on the 13th of Feb every year. 

kiss embarks the beauty of a relationship and asks the partners to lock all their happy moments and emotions.

How to make Kiss Day Special?

  • Buy her Dresses and trending fashion accessories
  • Watch romantic movies at home.
  • Go for a long drive at night, explore the beauty of nature and kiss her.
  • Send her chocolates and flower bouquets.
  • Go for an air balloon, go for a fly and kiss her at height, this will be romantic and create an unforgettable memory.
  • Gift her a diamond ring or pendant to make the day even more special and memorable.
  • Book a resort for the day, enjoy the special day together where no one is there to disturb you. Try to go to the resort which has lots of greenery as this will make your day much more relaxing and romantic.
  • Go to some sunset sort in the evening and the love of your life when it is between the dusk and dawn.
  • A romantic candlelight dinner to say it all in words.

These tips will help you in breaking the monotony in your relationship. The day is special and an extra effort from you can ignite the spark in your love relationship. However, if you are not able to do this because of the money shortage, our instant personal loans can help you with it. Don’t let money spoil your happiness, apply for an online personal loan and enjoy the benefits.

A Sign of Love - Keep it Short & Sweet
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A Sign of Love - Keep it Short & Sweet
Celebrate the love in the air this valentine's week. Life is short and we should add as much happiness as possible in it. So, love, let love, be loved and create beautiful memories this Kiss Day.
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