If you are in love with someone and want to express your feelings, then hold on, ‘The Propose Day’ is a week apart. None of the other days in the year will be as good as to propose than the Propose Day. The 8th of February is celebrated as propose day all over the globe. This is the second day of the week which is followed by Chocolate day, Teddy day and so on. The love week comes to an end with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

If you love someone from the depth of your heart, any day can be an ideal day to tell her/him what you feel about them. But offering a proposal on the proposed day gives an extra touch of excitement in your proposal. This propose day, let’s think big and make this propose day an unforgettable one.

The Background of Love Week & Valentine Celebration

The propose day falls on the second day of Valentine’s week. This day is celebrated by the couples around the globe by proposing each other to be their valentine for the life long. The celebration of propose day has been initiated in western culture. Currently, this day is celebrated by people of every community and religion. The modernized proposal days are celebrated by various means by sending digital love messages, love videos, sending gifts, greeting cards etc.

10 Mind-blowing Ways to Make the Proposal Everlasting

  • Destination Proposal

A proposal can never be a forgettable one when done in a destination. Such destination proposals are sure to be remembered again and again. The sweet and thoughtful proposal of yours will get a flashback whenever the destination will be remembered. That place and the proposal will always be together in the memory of both of you.

proposal destination

  •  Proposal with a Ring

This is the classic way to make a proposal. You can opt for a ring made of gold or platinum to make the proposal a better one. Acceptation of the ring symbolizes that your love has been accepted by your dear one. To make your proposal more dramatic, bent down on your knees and ask her politely to accept your love. This may be one of the oldest ways to make a proposal but this way of the proposal makes your love feel pampered the most.

proposal with a ring

  • Proposal with Roses

Roses are not just flowers, you can give your heart to your loved ones with a bunch of red roses. Red roses are given to the one whom you want to be your valentine. But remember, you are proposing a girl to be your partner. The roses that convey your message must come to her in a special one. You can personalize a special corner of a restaurant with hundreds and thousands of roses. Taking her to such a place and proposing her with a single rose in hand will create an everlasting memory for both of you.

propose with roses

  • Proposal on the Dinner Date

There are many restaurants you can find in your town, where live music goes on. An especial arrangement can be done in advance by ordering a special cake, personalized music, special table booking etc. Instead of you uttering those magic words, the live singer can sing those to her which will make your proposal an exciting one.

Dinner Date

  • Proposal with I Love U Teddy

The teddies are not only tender to touch but the softness says a lot about the love of the giver. The I Love You teddy is one of the simplest and impressive ways to express your love. Teddy’s are commonly found in the market but be selective on choosing the right teddy. To minimize the confusion, you can send her couple of teddies of different sizes, shapes and with messages of love that all her heart can hold. You can make this day a really special one by making her bedroom full of teddies of all sizes and messages.

teddy bear proposal

  • Underwater Proposal

If you and your partner both are adventurous and love scuba diving, an underwater proposal can be a really unexpected one. As you cannot talk to each other while being underwater, you can use laminated play cards to tell her about your feelings. To make the proposal more exciting, you can present her a diamond ring in oyster shaped ornament box to make a proposal. An underwater scuba diving can be one of the best and unusual ways of proposing you love.

under water proposal

  • The Beach Proposal 

The sunset at the beach is one of the most eye-catching landscapes. You can turn this eye-catching landscape to a heart throbbing moment by proposing her in the last rays of the sun. The setting sun, the sound of waves and those magic words in the air will make the evening such a beautiful which she will never forget.

beach proposal

  • The Proposal in Boat

 If your dear one is a nature lover and likes water bodies, you can take her to a boat to propose her. You can make special arrangements like booking a boat exclusively for two of you, special food items like cake, Champagne, playing her favourite music, candle lights and so on. Whatever arrangements you may make, just try to make it personalized according to the choice of the lady.

proposal in boat

  • Propose with a Flash Mob

Flash mobs are one of the trendiest ways of expressing your love. The flash mobs are the group of people who emerge from the crowd and performs a dance for the purpose of entertainment. One can arrange for a flash mob to make a special proposal. The flash mob will perform to make a proposal to your loved one on behalf of you. You can arrange flash mobs online too.

proposal in flash mob

  • Platinum Love Pendant

Platinum is something which is believed to be everlasting. One can gift a platinum pendant of love to make a love proposal.  Proposing with platinum may sound cliché but trust me; some things never go out of fashion.

platinum pendant

The Day Never to Forget

Whatever way you may like to offer your love to her, try to make her day a beautiful one. Take her to special places, give her gifts, take her on a soothing evening walk and invite her for a special dinner with you. The best way to impress her will be doing things she enjoys the most. Make your day a memorable one by proposing her in a way which she has never expected. The most unexpected and the unusual proposal are sure to win the heart of the one who lives in your heart.

Memorable day

Whether she has accepted or refused your proposal, be generous enough to drop her home. Accepting or refusing is her choice, but being gentle should be your added to personality.

Looking Forward

Needless to say that the acceptance of your proposal can be a turning point in your life. They say true love is so powerful that it can make you touch the heights of success. So make your true love know your feelings with a heartwarming proposal.

Our Heartfelt Proposal

The propose day is indeed a very important day for all of us. Let’s not compromise the celebrations because of being hard pressed of the fund. You can always take help of a personal loan or line of credit to fulfill the need of required fund. So, apply for a personal loan or line of credit and convert the purpose day to the turning point of your life.